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ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes

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Item #
size M (37-39) blue 43,26€ 97570066
size XL (43-45) blue 44,27€ 97570068
size XXL (46-48) blue 43,26€ 97570069
size M (37-39) black 43,26€ 97570046
size XL (43-45) black 44,27€ 97570048
size XXL (46-48) black 43,26€ 97570049
size M (37-39) fluo yellow 43,26€ 97570051
size L (40-42) fluo yellow 44,27€ 97570052
size XL (43-45) fluo yellow 43,26€ 97570053
size XXL (46-48) fluo yellow 44,27€ 97570054
size M (37-39) orange 43,26€ 97570056
size L (40-42) orange 44,27€ 97570057
size XL (43-45) orange 43,26€ 97570058
size XXL (46-48) orange 43,26€ 97570059
size M (37-39) fluo green 43,26€ 97570061
size L (40-42) fluo green 43,26€ 97570062
size XXXL (49-51) fluo green 44,27€ 97570065
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The twelve end Classic neoprene cycling overshoes

Heat-insulating, windproof and water-repellent are the features that characterize the CLASSIC neoprene overshoes. With ZwölfEnders Topseller you defy wind and cold and are well equipped even when it rains. Cold feet are definitely a thing of the past. It does not matter if road bike or mountain bike, the sole cut-out of your cycling overshoes is compatible with all popular pedal-click systems. The under-toe cover adds warmth and the perfect fit. The high-quality YKK zipper allows the CLASSIC overshoes to be put on and taken off quickly and fixed with another Velcro fastener. An additional gimmick is the zippered rubber trailer with the ZwölfEnder logo. This also provides with thick winter gloves for excellent grip. Increased safety for tours in the dark give reflector strips that are located above and below the zipper. The ZwölfEnder lettering and the ZwölfEnder logo give the overshoes additional value and originality. With the CLASSIC neoprene overshoes, the functional aspect is in no way inferior to the design.

Overshoes for MTB and road bike

ZwölfEnder recommends using the CLASSIC overshoes for MTB and RR pedal systems at temperatures around freezing. Since every cyclist and mountain biker has an individual sense of cold and the cold is related to the driving style, only a guideline can be given here. In order to produce the appropriate heat insulation, they use the most commonly known material from the family of cellular rubber known under the protected brand name Neoprene®. During the manufacturing process, it is foamed so that gas bubbles form. These evenly distributed bubbles ensure the thermal insulation properties of our overshoes. Neoprene can be made according to the desired thermal insulation in different thicknesses. The overshoes CLASSIC are 5mm thick mesh and twin neoprene, making them particularly windproof and heat insulating.

Highlights of the ZwölfEnder Classic overshoes

  • heat-insulating, windproof and water-repellent
  • 5mm thick mesh and twin neoprene
  • for road bike. or MTB shoes, as compatible with all popular pedal click systems
  • high-quality YKK zipper at the back


  • 1x ZwölfEnder Classic neoprene overshoes
ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes size M (37-39) blue
ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes size M (37-39) black
ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes size M (37-39) fluo yellow
ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes size M (37-39) orange
ZwoilfEnder Classic neoprene Overshoes size M (37-39) fluo green

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