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Backpacks and Hydration Backpacks

Backpacks with hydration system

If you buy a cycling backpack, the design should not be the primary buying factor. First of all, you should determine the application. A small, light rucksack with a 1.5 l hydration reservoir might just be the fitting companion for the after-work tour, but for an Alpine cross and for larger Alpine and day trips, you'll need more packing volume or even additional features. Some backpacks offer an expandable volume by means of a zipper. The division of the inside compartments as well as various outside compartments for maps, pump, helmet holder, rain cover and so on can be very helpful and make sense in order to be able to stow away more luggage in an organized manner. Thus, the pack size of your new bike rucksack should be your first decision. Then, it is mainly crucial how much "water" your backpack shall take on with the integrated drinking system. Since the rucksacks come with various sizes of hydration bladders. Thanks to a drinking reservoir, you can perfectly fill up your fluid balance without having to stop in between. Mouthpiece, hose and also the hydration reservoir itself can be cleaned and replaced, if required. Especially at longer cycling tours, the backpack should convince in terms of fit, back ventilation and strap system. A rucksack which does not fit well will also result in backaches, abrasive and pressure marks when cycling. Discover our large selection here in our shop for cycling packs with hydration reservoirs.
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