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Seat Clamps

Buy inexpensive seat clamps

In our shop you will find an lots of seat clamps. While clamps with quick-release allow for an easier adjustment on the trail, they weigh more and increase the risk of theft. Those who use their bikes in everyday life or want a lightweight design therefore choose a bolt clamp. The inner diameter of the clamp is important and must correspond to the frame's outer diameter. The most common sizes are 31.8 mm, 34.9 mm and 38.0 mm, but our product assortment also includes seat clamps in exceptional sizes. Keep in mind: The seat post's inner diameter doesn't indicate the exact diameter of the clamp, so it is wise to check the dimensions of the frame. In addition to the substantial range of bolts, quick-release skewers, clamps made of aluminium or carbon, anodised or varnished, we also carry specific seat post clamps in droplet form and oval clamps for aero frames. Some have cable routing for height adjustable vario seat posts, rear rack mount or integrated dirt wiper to avoid scratching the seat post while lowering it. Find the appropriate clamp for your road bike or MTB at a low price here in our seat clamps shop.

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