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General terms and conditions and revocations


The following terms and conditions concern all contracts, deliveries and other services. Exceptions from these conditions – also on account of different general business conditions of the customer - need an explicit written confirmation. Our offers are subject to alteration and subject to confirmation. All illustrations, drawings, measures and weights contained in schedules of prices, catalogs and other media are not binding and without obligation.
Our offer is aimed at end consumers, the sale of the goods is only in household quantities.
An order is regarded as accepted provided that it will not be refused by HIBIKE within two weeks after receiving it. The dispatch of a refusal within this period of time is sufficient, where the date of the postal stamp is relevant.
All contents is presented after current knowledge and is subject to alteration. We can not be held responsible for errors in product information and pricing.


All prices are subject to confirmation and do not include shipping costs from our warehouse at Kronberg/Ts and packaging costs. By release of a new price table, the previous one becomes invalid. All prices are displayed in Euro and include the respective value added tax (VAT).


If our costs rise unforeseeable between the time of contract conclusion and the delivery date due to alterations in freight rates, exchange rates, public deliveries and conditions, we are authorized to raise the price for commercial customers according to these additional costs.


We choose the most favorable dispatch way for you. Installments are, so far not avoidably, permissible. The delivery time occurs fundamentally as fast as possible, except for fixing dates confirmed in writing. We reserve for us an increase of dispatch charges investment if a supply occurs for technical reasons in several parts. In the case of a sending back, the sender bears the costs and the dispatch risk. Unstamped shipments can not be accepted and will be sent automatically back to you. In the case of an authorized sending back the used postage is compensated to you.


You may return products within a 14-day period of receiving your order. Shipping costs within Germany are covered by us if the value of the returned products exceeds 40,- EUR. Below that the customer is obliged to pay for shipping and handling. Customized products which have been made according to the customers wishes are excluded from their right of return.


Target: immediately by COD without cash discount. Other payments only with written declarations.


The purchased product remains up to the complete equilibrium of the demands our estate. The reservation of proprietary rights also exists for all demands, that we acquire against the customer in connection with the purchasing object, e.g. on account of of repairs or replacement part deliveries as well as other services. If the customers is a businessman, where the contract belongs to the company of his business, the reserved ownership is also valid for the demands, that we have from the current business relation with this customer.
We are obliged to request of the customer for the renunciation of the reserved ownership when the customer has fulfilled all demands concerning the purchasing object and a appropriate protection exists for the remaining demands from the current business relation.
For that time the reserved ownership exists pledges or sales are only permitted with our written approval.
During the griping of a third party, in particular in the case of the seizure of the purchasing object, the customer has to write a message for to and to refer the third party to our reserved ownership.


To the products bought by us we concede an assurance of 6 months from date of invoice. The assurance goes out as soon as a personal repair experiments or a modification are carried out. In the case of a verified lack recognized by us, the customer must first demand our free repair service during the guarantee time. If the reparation remains unsuccessful, it can - after choice of the customer - be delivered, reduced or changed.
Objections with regard to obvious lacks must be written to us within 8 days to the reception of the product. Hidden lacks must be reprimanded immediately after discovery. The customer is not authorized to restrain or add payments because of possible complaints. The warranty goes out with competitions or similar efforts. The frame and rim warranty is dropped in the case of damages which are resulted by jumps or inappropriate use. The warranty at frames and forks is only valid if the parts remain in the original state and are used for the planned effort.
Without a receipt no claims concerning the warranty can be made. At bikes the frame number of the bike is to write into the sales receipt register.


Rights to compensation because of delay, impossibility of service, injury to contractual and legal duties, fault at contract end and gold sera contractual liability are impossible, as far as the damage was not caused by negligent or deliberate actions of us. Our liability, professional mounting presupposed, is limited to the height of the contracted price.
Claims for compensation according to § 463, 480 II and § 635 BGB may stay untouched.


Place of performance of the delivery and payment is Kronberg/Ts. Venue is Koenigstein/Ts.
If the customer is a businessman, a legal person of the public right or an public-legal special property, Königstein/Ts. is arranged with him as venue.


As far as individual definitions of our general information business conditions are invalid, they are to be replaced corresponding. The validity of the remaining determinations is not osculated from this.

As of: Feb 15 2021

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