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Sets of Lights

Buy a bike's lamp set online

If you are looking for a complete lighting equipment for your bike, you should choose a lamp set.
With lighting sets, you're optimally equipped and do not have to look for and get front and rear lights separately.
Front lights mostly are delivered with matching holder for mounting them on the handlebar. At rear lights for example, rubber holders (clamping rubber) are being used in order to fasten the rear light to the seat post.
Sets consisting of a front and a rear light ensure your safety in the road traffic with their brightly shining LED diodes. Nowadays, the modern lamps are accumulator-operated, light and easy to mount. They are space-saving and fit into any backpack.
PLEASE note that you'll have to observe the rules of the german Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) in regard to approved lighting.

Your new lighting kit from a top brand

You'll find your new lighting kit from a top brand, such as Sigma, Cat Eye or Busch & Müller in our online shop for bike lighting.

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