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MTB Helmets

Helmets MTB for women and men

A MTB helmet needs to be robust as off-road sports requires proper protection for the head. But a mountain bike helmet also needs to be lightweight and well ventilated, which is imperative. A heavy, uncomfortable helmet would make the cyclist want to go on a bike tour without wearing a helmet. However, a helmet should achieve exactly the opposite. It should fit the shape of your head optimally and not bother you while wearing it. MTB Helmets, Specialized Ambush All Mountain HelmetThanks to adjustable straps and an adjustment option at the back, you can adjust almost every mountain bike helmet until it fits perfectly. A good ventilation via the air channels that run through the helmet ensures a consistent air flow all around your head, because in cycling, the head is particularly prone to excessive sweating under the bike helmet. MTB helmets typically have a (often removable) short visor at the front. Not only does this give the helmet a more sporty look, it's above all an additional sun and dirt protection. Especially in the forest, a mountain biker has to deal with changing light conditions and mud. Here, the more roundish dirt helmets that are similar to helmets for skaters, belong in the MTB category as well. These half bowl helmets are a little less delicate since they need to withstand actions like when jumping and bouncing cause the dirt biker to tumble off his bicycle. Nowadays a typical MTB helmet consists of foam with a thin plastic coating. The manufacturers of MTB helmets offer a variety of shapes and colours and thus something for every mountain biker. And of course this includes special helmet models for women. Here you'll find all the helmets that provide optimal protection for mountain biking. IXS, Bell, Met, Specialized, Giro and even more top brands are waiting for you.

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