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Mittens, Three-Finger Gloves

Warm winter gloves for cycling

Winter cyclists pay attention! If you are looking for really warm gloves for cycling, you should look into this category. Here, you'll find 2-finger gloves, 3-finger gloves and also mittens, which are suitable for cycling. The term "lobster" is more and more frequently used, it stands for 2-finger gloves, which means that the little finger and the ring finger are put together as well as the index and middle fingers. The lobster glove cut enthuses more and more bikers in winter. 3-finger gloves putting the little finger, the ring finger and the middle finger together, are also well suited for cycling. They leave the index finger and the thumb separated. No matter which variant appears to be more likeable to you, they all provide enormous advantages for the wintertime. The topmost advantage, the most important item, is a better protection against the cold since the fingers, which are put together, preserve more warmth. By the way, switching gears and braking when cycling is no problem at all with lobster gloves, it's only the look that you have to get used to. Depending on the type, they provide wind stopper functions, soft shell and fleece materials and are water-resistant and waterproof accordingly. Really recommendable gloves for winter cyclists, who do neither wish to nor can do without their favourite hobby even at temperatures below 0 degrees. You can get gloves from the top brands at a favourable price here in our shop for winter bike gloves.

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