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Long-Finger Gloves

Long summer gloves & warm winter gloves

Why should bikers choose gloves with long fingers even at hot summer temperatures? On the one hand, the long fingers provide a better grip on the handlebar and control over braking/switching levers and they protect the fingers from dirt, branches or other objects which get in your way on the trail. That means that they are especially recommended for mountain bikers! Therefore, the manufacturers like to integrate light protectors, in the form of rubber studs on the back of hands and fingers at long gloves used for cycling. Also in regard to operating a mobile phone or sat nav, long cycling gloves do not constitute any more disadvantage nowadays. Finger tips suitable for operating smartphones and/or touchpads nowadays are common standard. You should also pay attention to the differences in the palm paddings. After all, some cyclists prefer a strong gel padding, while others prefer the direct contact to the handlebar. A good padding dampens impacts which are transferred via the handlebar and prevent the problematic of numbness in the fingers when biking, where applicable (mostly caused by the contusion of the so-called Ulnar nerve). Aside from numerous thin long-finger gloves, which are perfectly suited to MTB tours in summer, you'll also find the slightly thicker long-finger cycling gloves with wind stopper function or soft-shell materials. These score mainly in spring and autumn. Thick, warm gloves with long fingers can no longer be avoided once winter approaches. There is nothing more painful than freezing hands when cycling in winter. That is why you'll find numerous winter gloves in our shop for cycling, which convince due to their warming properties. That way, the hands remain perfectly protected even on a winter bike tour at temperatures far below zero. Whether you are looking for gloves for women or men, discover our large offer here in the gloves shop.

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