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Full Face MTB Helmets

Top brand downhill helmets (full face helmets) low-priced

Full face MTB helmets are being used for mountain bike downhill riding, freeriding or 4cross. Fullface means, as the name suggests, full head protection. Because unlike normal MTB helmets, the full visor helmet has a chin guard and thus provides complete protection.

These hard shell helmets are made for people who ride fast on rough terrain, gravity pilots and bike park heroes. Furthermore, they're used in extreme downhill rides on full-suspension bikes with a 160mm (or more) travel. The bicycle you're riding does not play the decisive role here, however; what counts is where you ride as well as the terrain conditions. The fast pace on rough terrain can quickly lead to potentially fatal injuries. In this situation it is especially important to protect one's head from serious skull and brain injuries. A "normal" MTB helmet would be insufficient in this case. The full face helmet for MTB sport is the cut-down variant of its big brother used in motocross. It is lighter, though, and has better ventilation. Aside from air holes, additional air circulation around the chin and forehead can provide cooling as well. When you buy a helmet, check if the inner padding is removable for easy washing, or if your new full face helmet should also be compatible with the neck brace - in that case the back of the helmet should be cut low. An adjustable visor, an integrated camera bracket or a goggle strap holder are helpful features. Usually, the foam layer is encased by an exterior shell made of fiberglass. If you don't want your new DH helmet to get too heavy, you should choose a lightweight full face mountain bike helmet made of carbon fiber. Light helmets weigh about 600g: apart from that, the weight of full face MTB helmets lies between 800 and 1200g. We carry everything from plain black to flashy colors , so discover our low-priced offers in our shop that sells full face helmets.

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