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A crank set includes both crank arms and chain ring in a set. Crank arms may also be purchased separately. There are differences between bicycle cranks for road bicycles and mountain bikes. You can use our dropdown menu (for product selection) to make an appropriate choice.

The mountain bike crank...

A 3 speed MTB crank set was a standard crank until recently (so 3 chain rings up front). With this setup you have a large gear range but also many overlaps and poor Q-Factor. In brief, Q-factor is the distance between the pedal crank/crank arm to the frame/bottom bracket . A large Q-Factor means the crank arms are far apart and this can lead to knee problems.
MTB cranks are increasingly available as 2-speed crank-sets or even in a 1-speed crank set variant. Depending on the use, different chain rings are attached to the crank or available, so that one has a greater gear range and less overlap. This clearly results in a better Q-Factor for riders.

The road bike crank...

Road bike crank sets have 130 and 135 mm bolt circle diameters (the second of these from Camapagnolo), these use chain rings starting at 53/39 and 110 BCD for compacr cranks which use a 34/50 teeth combination or larger. The standard at the moment is 52/36 or 50/34 which is generally sufficient for hobby riders.

Material: Like many other parts crank arms are mostly made of aluminium. Highly valued crank arm models are hollow or the manufacturer also offers carbon fibre crank arms. This is reflected in a higher price. Discover our large crank arms range, certainly you will find the right crank arms for your needs at a competitive price.

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