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Adjustable Height Seat Posts

Especially in difficult terrain or on slopes it is important for the safety and control to go out of the saddle and to deflect the center of gravity backward. This often is hardly possible with a correct adjusted saddle because the saddle mostly is too high for it and the mobility is limited. The result is an increasing doubtful feeling while driving. Exactly here the seat posts adjustable in height come into play. With them you can easily adjust the saddle height while driving and so you always have the optimal position for the particular situation. There are Vario seat posts with a handlebar remote and such that are adjusted via a crank under the saddle. Latter we exclusively recommend to freeride or downhill pilots who need the adjustment of height only for riding between. All the others we absolutely advise to a version with handlebar remote because one the one hand the shift is safer bacause the handy stay on the handlebar and on the other hand the saddle can be adjusted fast even in little downhill passages. Like this you can optimally use the advantages of such a seat post. Adjsut the seat post so that your optimal saddle height is reached when the seat post is completely extended. Then you don't have to be worried about „recovering“" the right modulation. Assembly hints: Pay attention to the correct diameter of the seat post! It has to be right to the tenth of a millimeter. Because there is just a small diameter when it comes to seat posts adjustable in height use a shim (compensating connector) if necessary. Install the bowden cable of the handlebar remote so that it can't be cracked even when the seat post is lowered. Set up the crank of the handlebar remote on the left side of the handlebar because you shift less on the left side as on the right. Another hint for everyone who looks after the weight: you can dispense with the conventional saddle quick clamp - take a light allen key clamp.
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