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Cycling shorts for men and women

Cycling shorts should not only look good but primarily they should be functional. Quality cycling shorts are characterised by technical material, that besides having an ergonomic padding also has anti-bacterial qualities and neutralises odour. A long cycle tour becomes a real pleasure with the right shorts. That changes if the shorts are too tight or if there are too many seams or the padding to it becomes uncomfortable. If the shorts rub, your skin is irritated or the shorts aren't breathable then that quickly turns to a bad mood and discomfort. Be careful in choosing your bib shorts, cycling shorts or breathable and stylish trail shorts and pay attention to the material from which they are made. Use reviews in magazines and online evaluations to assist you. Cyclists who are not concerned with poor weather should carry in their pack light rain shorts. This ensures that your backside remains dry while training. Buy cycling shorts, bib tights and casual MTB shorts for women and men at competitive prices here in our shop for cycling shorts.

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