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Rigid Forks Road Bike

Road bike forks in all shapes and sizes

Whether fixie, bike road bike or cross bike, you will find a suitable fork here. The material of choice is for weight reasons often carbon fibre, whoever prefers something more traditional has a number of steel forks to choose from. Aluminium is actually only used as part of cheaper carbon fibre forks. From filigree to aerodynamically shaped patterns with wide fork legs you have a large range of visually appealing choices. The fork length for 28" forks is usually between 360 to 390mm. The rake is about 45-50mm. The steerer is usually 1 1/8" or there are a variety of tapered versions, even threaded steerers are occasionally still available. Road bike forks are usually configured for fitting brakes using a central bolt, cross bikes' forks have a cantilever socket. Also disc brake mounts as well as thru axles have gradually entered the road bike domain. Clearance between the tyre and the fork is around 25-28mm with road forks. Cross forks have a little more room. For gravel racers and audax riders the forks should have as much clearance as possible in order to not limit the usage of these bikes. Now you are spoilt for choice, discover your new road bike fork here in our top range at competitive prices.

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