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Short Sleeved Jerseys

Buy a short cycling jersey online

A short cycling jersey is the right companion for warm temperatures. They are not only available in the version with the common short sleeves, but also with 3/4 sleeves or even sleeveless. At slightly cooler temperatures, a cycling jersey with short sleeves can very well be supplemented with arm warmers. Why does a short-sleeve cycling jersey belong to the basic equipment of every cyclist? It is very simple: The short-sleeve jersey is breathable and ensures a dry feeling on the skin thanks to its functional fabric. If you regularly ride your bike quickly and sporty, you'll immediately get to appreciate the benefits. Short sleeve jerseys for sporty MTB cyclists are cut close-fitting, do not flatter and can thusly optimally transport the sweat away from the skin. The back part of a classical cycling jersey is cut longer than the front part due to the bent sitting posture. For example pay attention to additional silicone cuffs because they ensure that the jersey does not slide up. Pockets on the back offer space for small parts, such as energy bars, money or even a small drinking bottle. The most common zipper length of short sleeve cycling jerseys is the short variant up to the chest. But continuous zippers are also very popular since they allow you to comfortably put the jersey on/take it off again. Short cycling jerseys for women offer a feminine cut and corresponding designs for the ladies. Women also like to wear cycling tops in the tank-top style. If you like a looser style, then you'll feel more comfortable in a cycling shirt. They are looser and feature a wide cut. Mostly, they can be found under the terms loose fit jersey or jersey-shirt. Downhill MTB jerseys/freeride jerseys are cool designed shirts, which come with less knickknack. Jerseys are available in all colours and designs you can think of, here, it is all about your taste.

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