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Floor Pumps

A floor pump is also an essential part of a hobby workshop.

Such a pump has quite a lot of pressure. It just is a lot quicker with a floor pump to pump up even large tyres. Owing to a pressure gauge, you can determine the tyre's pressure and thus save uncountable minutes and laborious strokes, which a hand pump would require from you. A foot or floor pump should be part of every bike garage's basic equipment. With such a pump, you can quickly check the tyre pressure prior to starting a tour, and if push comes to shove, you can quickly pump up more air. When purchasing a floor pump, always make sure that it has a solid base so that it won't stagger. The length and diameter of the piston determine the force that you need to use. The size and accurateness of the pressure gauge, the handle shape and the valve type should also influence your decision. In the simplest case, you'll choose a multi-valve variant, since often floor pumps offer universal and/or exchangeable valve heads (universal pump). The application is the most crucial item, and that not only as a result of the different valves. Some air pumps offer only a limited amount of pressure (bar), sufficient for a mountain bike, but a road bike requires a higher tyre pressure. Whichever floor pump you choose, here, you'll find a first-class selection of brands at top prices.
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