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Pants & Shorts

Buy short, long and 3/4 bike shorts at HIBIKE.

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Buying the correct cycling trousers, very easily online

It is without a question that the cycling trousers are among the most important first utensils which a cyclist should have. The more often you exercise your hobby, the more important the bike shorts and the pertaining cushioning become. If you are an enthusiast of this sport, you probably have already known for a long time what good bike bibs and tights are worth. The tour can very quickly become a torture with the wrong bibs, and if on top of that the harmony between the shorts and the seat is not existent, you will most certainly not declare the cycling to be your favourite sport owing to the subsquent pain in the butt. In order not to let it come to this, we have a sufficient selection for you, whether tight Bibshort, Bibtight, short or long cycling trousers or just the more casual shorts with inside cushioning. Cycling pants and shorts for women and men for every taste and affordable for everyone. Our selection here in the shop is large, we offer you the top brands of the professional bikers (such as Assos or Gore Bike Wear) as well as the cool and stylish trendy brand names, which attract attention with their new designs (ION or Maloja for example). Therefore, first of all make sure that the bike shorts with seat pads fit perfectly. They should fit tighly all around. The seams should be as flat as possible and not in the way. You have to feel comfortable. Good cycling trousers are moisture-regulating and offer you an ergonomic seat padding. Cycling trousers short, 3/4 and long, bike shorts and bibshorts. Whether you favour bib shorts or looser fitting bike shorts is up to your own taste. We also offer bib tights with wind stopper features for winter bikers or rain trousers for muddy, wet tours (pull-over trousers) at great prices. MX and downhill pilots will also find motocross-trousers and also junior bikers will not come out empty-handed with the selection of cycling trousers for kids. As you can see, there are cycling shorts in so many variations that women as well as men will certainly find their trousers here. Whether Cycling shorts, mid-length cycling pants or long cycling pants, which will keep you warm at cool temperatures and during winter tours. Here are some more tips regarding the subject of buying a pair of cycling pants and shorts:

Cycling shorts with seat pads or without and the subject of the underwear

Often the question comes up whether I really do not wear any underwear under a pair of cycling trousers, that is to say no briefs? That is correct and we also recommend that. Since not wearing underwear results in the least friction and there will be no disturbing seams or fabric bulges in the seating area. seat pads for cycling shorts nowadays is equipped with antibacterial materials straight from the factory. Good seat cushioning is anatomically designed for the sexes, cushionings for women distinguish themselves from thoses for men. It is of course completely up to you whether you would like to wear an additonal thermal layer underneath your trousers. We also offer those to you as part of a great selection of (bike underwear). They are a good addition especially in winter and at cycling tours at cold temperatures in order to protect the lower back and the genital area from the cold and keep them warm.

Do the bike bibs fit correctly?

It certainly is not always an easy task, the purchase of a new pair of cycling shorts. Here, several arguments muss fit together. You should not try on the shorts only standing, that is something that is all too often forgotten! Because you will need it for sitting on your bike. If you try it on, you should also test the sitting position when bent-over, leaning forward on a chair or stool. There may not be any disturbances by superfluous fabric in the crotch and the belly-thigh-angle. The same applies to mid-length and long cycling pants in the area of the knee bend. Not seldom, you must go through several different manufacturers of cycling bibs until finally, you'll find the right bike shorts for yourself. But it is worth the efforts, you'll be thankful to have found the right shorts when you're on your next cycling tour.

Care for cycling trousers

Most cycling trousers nowadays can be machine-washed at low temperatures without any problems. But you should at least use a laundry net for that purpose in order protect the padding and the fabric of the shorts and to treat same with care. Occasionally, a hygiene rinse in the machine can't do any harm and this way, bacteria is reliably removed in spite of the low temperature during the actual washing. In a perfect case, you'll use special detergent for functional clothing when washing sports wear. Our extensive article on "care instructions", care of sportswear will also help you with tips. After all, a highly functional pair of cycling shorts nowadays consists of more than just cotton. Our textile dictionary will be better in explaining the different materials which are being used in terms of sportswear.

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