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Three-quarter length pants

Cycling trousers 3/4 for women and men

A good compromise between long trousers and shorts, the 3/4 length cycling trouser. Whether summer or winter, 3/4 cycling trousers are a good accompaniment for cycling all year round. Modern cycling trousers, regardless of the length, convince buyers with their comfort thanks to ergonomic padding, optimal cut, flat seams and high performance breathable material. Regardless of whether you prefer tight-fitting 3/4 bike tights, half-length bike trousers (bib knickers) or loose MTB bike shorts with a 3/4 leg. Trousers that reach below the knee simply provide a little more warmth. Especially when you choose soft-shell or thermals for cooler days. Everyone knows how quickly you become uncomfortable when wind and rain chill you to the bone while cycling. When it's windy your body reacts with pain especially around the knees. For this reason road bikers prefer 3/4 length knickers. It's no wonder, that women like 3/4 cycling trousers, women feel better with a little more material on the legs. You will find a huge range of knee-length bike trousers and bike shorts for every taste.

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