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Buy the fitting front derailleur for road bikes

Front derailleurs for road bikes are offered in two different standards and, of course, as an electrical and a mechanical version. The most common version is the so-called braze-on front derailleur, which is fastened to the half-round braze-on mount on the seat tube. A brazing is no longer performed, contrary to the name assigned to this method. Another common version on the road bike is the mounting by means of a clamp integrated into the front derailleur. Here, you'll have to choose the correct measurement fitting to the diameter of the seat tube. Often, you can also buy a single clamp to which the braze-on front derailleur can be fastened. If you are not sure now which road bike front derailleur fits your frame, you only still have to choose the model fitting the remaining group set (or at least fitting the manufacturer and the number of gears). Please notice that the road bike front derailleur for 2 speed and 3 speed have different cage lengths! Some front derailleurs (e.g. Sram Yaw) meanwhile also feature chain catchers which prevent the chain from coming off towards the direction of the carbon frame. If required, such chain catchers can also be retrofitted. Here, in our selection, online in the shop for road bike front derailleurs, you'll for sure find the fitting front derailleur.

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