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Tubes MTB

Buy the right MTB tube at competitive prices.

Here in our Online-Shop for MTB bicycle tubes you will find all tubes that are used for mountain bike wheels. Whether you are searching for a tube for MTB 26 inch, 29 inch or for a a Fatbike. But even if you are searching for a tube for a small bicycle like for example a 20 inch tube for a children's bike or a child trailer. This is the right place!

Choosing a tube from Butyl or Latex?

Bicycle tubes are made from two substances, either from Butyl or from Latex. A Latex tube is lighter, more flexible and initially less likely to puncture. However Latex rubber deteriorates quickly and as a result loses air more quickly.

A tube made from butyl is better at retaining air because it is made of synthetic rubber. Previously this material had a weight disadvantage, today however butyl bike tubes are available in lightweight versions. The choice between a Latex and a butyl inner tube is in the end a question of personal preference.

The right choice of valve with MTB tubes

In choosing the right tube, make sure it has an appropriate valve. The valve must fit through the hole on the wheel rim. The usual valves on MTBs are SV, AV or also DV. These abbreviations stand for

  • AV = auto valve/Schrader valve (car type valve)
  • SV=Sclaverand valve/French valve
  • DV=Dunlop valve

In discussing bike valves, we also need to say something about tyre pressure. The durability of the tube is affected by which air pressure you pump into the tyre. The higher the tyre pressure, the lower the friction with the ground, on the other hand at lower tyre pressure you have a better grip on wet and slippery ground.

It depends on the purpose

Depending on the purpose you should choose a suitable mountain bike tube or a touring bike tube. The tubes differ in terms of size (diameter and width), valve, material, quality and durability as well as thickness of the tube wall. Especially light tubes, called "ultra light-tubes" are particularly sensitive. A downhill tube or a freeride tube on the other hand is relatively heavy but also very durable.

Spoiled for choice: MTB bike tubes

The range of bike tubes is huge. The choice of brands leaves nothing to be desired, we stock MTB tubes from Continental, Specialized, Schwalbe, Surly and and and...! Now you have the choice!

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