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Chainring & Crank Bolts

Crank arm bolts and chain ring bolts

Although chain ring bolts are small, the selection is large! Buy coloured chain ring bolts at HIBIKEIt's hard to believe that such a large range is available. There are however variations. So for example in addition to extra short and long or short chain ring bolts for single speed bikes, there is a large colourful choice! Anodised colours , whether pink, gold coloured, turquoise, blue, purple or red..are you able to choose a special colour scheme for your bike? With small bolts you are able to make beautiful colour contrasts.
Some are offered as a bolt set, in which nuts and bolts are combined, others are available individually or for example in packets of 5. Whether Shimano, Campagnolo, Tune, Carbocage, e.thirteen, NC-17 or Truvativ, you will find whatever you are looking for in our range.

How to loosen chain ring bolts?

The little beasts can really get stuck. But if you use a chain ring bolt spanner / chain ring tool to help you, then loosening bolts is actually easy. It stops the bolt from rotating and gives you leverage to turn it loose. You will find in our range ofChain ring bolt tool by Park Tool here.

What is the problem with tightening bolts?

Some bolts self locking, if not then you should consider a thread locking fluid as an additional help. However, opinions differ. In principle we can say that one or two drops of thread locking fluid on the thread won't hurt. Apply everywhere, otherwise apply some mechanical grease please.
Please note that SRAM recently introduced M8.5 and Shimano introduced M7 with the new XTR for chain ring bolts! Otherwise most things are covered by M8. Another hint for all "DIY" people. If you use 3-speed and 2-speed at the front (so you want to leave out the large chain ring ), then you need to use 5mm long rather than 8mm chain ring bolts. It is better to use small bolts for the small chain ring.

And and an urgent tip for all style police: If you have a label on your new chain ring bolts, pay attention that they are all turned the same way...otherwise you will receive a B grade for aesthetics :-)

Besides the bolts for the chain rings you can also find crank bolts/crank tightening bolts For example from Shimano or FSA. Discover our range at competitive prices!

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