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Bicycle Chains

Buy low priced chains for your bicycle

You are looking for a new bicycle chain? Be it a chain for the 6/7/8-speed gearing of your classic or an up-to-date 11-speed or even 12-speed chain for your newest acquisition - in our assortment you can always find a suitable replacement for your worn chain! Shimano chains are being delivered with rivet pins by the manufacturer and closed with chain tools which can be purchased in our shop. Bicycle chains by SRAM and KMC in turn are being closed with an enclosed locking link, a so-called PowerLink or MissingLink. And all of this without any tools. Both systems are extremely durable and, being properly installed, will allow you to enjoy many carefree kilometres. You should replace the chain regularly, since worn chains being constantly used can lead to early wear of sprockets and chain rings. A timely replacement pays off! When replacing the cassette, you should also replace the chain to guarantee smooth gear changes. Those who like it more colourful, can find an equally abundant selection of bicycle chains in various colours in our shop by Octane One, Spank, Sixpack and other well-known manufacturers. A particular highlight are the Half-Link chains that, thanks to their particular shape, allow for a more precise cutting to length than conventional chains. Be it a road bike chain, an MTB chain or a chain for your singlespeeder.
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