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Bike accessories online at HIBIKE

Bike accessories, buy additional equipment for yourself and your bike

Bike accessories is a very broad umbrella term, it can include almost everything which might be required on the bike or for cycling in any way. Those are parts which either supplement, protect or additionally equip your bike. Bike accessories must be distinguished from the attachments without which your bike would no longer be roadworthy. In our shop, you will find accessories for the bike strictly separated from everything which does not already fall into the categories electrical, parts or tools. Since our range of products is quite large, you will find clearly laid out categories. We offer you favourable prices for all bike accessories to be dispatched, and that worldwide.

Useful bike accessories for tours

The bike accessories also include a backpack Almost every mountain biker who loves to go on extensive tours, is carrying a bike backpack along on the ride. What the large tour backpack means for you as rider is the same the saddle bags mean for your bike. The cargo trailer and the luggage carrier as well as the correct splash guard are also considered useful accessories for bike travelers. Just image you have planned a day trip and it is raining already in the morning! With soaked clothes, the rest of the day will not be much fun, especially if the seat also cools down thanks to the wetness. Accessories worth thinking about!

We would also like you to take to heart our selection of drink bottles for bike tours and corresponding holders. They are part of the standard equipment even for short day trips. Now, the energy bars, drinks, gel and Co. also come into play. For long tours and also at races, nutritional supplements for athletes provide a fresh supply of energy, which fills up your energy reserves when your strength diminishes, and which will enable you to reach your goal. For ambitious athletes and racing enthusiasts, the nutrition for athletes is an important accessory in the preparation, during the activity and also thereafter.

Safety accessories for your bike

The bike lock is an important accessory for the bike

The safety of the bike should have a high priority, e. g. if you are downtown with your bike. Thus, an important accessory for securing your bike is a bike lock! Theft protection is an important subject since thieves are very keen on steeling expensive bikes. Therefore, a safe lock is required when you take a break on your tours or if you want to park your bike in the city. Trust the top brands, such as Abus or Trelock, whose test winners we most certainly also offer here in our shop.
By the way, you should also add this to the list of purchases: bike tire inflators are often helpers when in need, since even if you have a replacement tube along on the ride, it won't help you at all if you did not have any space left in your luggage for the pump

Accessories for children

Great accessories for parents who are bike enthusiasts are child seats or trailers. Such transport possibilities for children are just the best when going on a bike trip with the whole family. The children will enjoy their time with the parents, get to go to many different places, see much and will be in the fresh air. Cosily tucked into the trailer, equipped with toys or directly behind daddy's back, e. g. on a safebike seat from Römer. And there we have the next subject: In order to be sufficiently fit for the additional weight on board, the parents can also find the suitable stationary bike right here in our shop, those are not just interesting for professionals! We also offer you small (spare) parts for child bikes, such as bells, side stands or even training wheels at favourable prices. And for sportive children, we have supplemented our range of products by different scooters of the brand Micro Mobility. Now it is time to flip through the pages and get what you want, have fun browsing though our accessories menu.

Tip: Is there a birthday coming up? Are you looking for a good present for a bike rider? Then, you should look around the category gifts Many top surprises, small and large, from a tee to the park tool "Göffel".

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