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Sports Underwear

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Do not go without good cycling underwear, neither in summer nor in winter

Breathable underwear is being used in many types of sports, so of course underwear also plays a role when dealing with the issue of bikes. We would like to briefly explain to you why you should not go without.

Do I need cycling underwear with cushions?

You have to distinguish between two variants of "cycling underwear". On the one hand there is the the pair of inner shorts, a cushioned pair of underpants, which for example is worn underneath casual biker shorts. This way, you have a loose look and it is not obvious that the cycling underwear is cushioned. Trail riders, all mountain or even freeride bikers prefer the casual cut of their shorts definitely more than the tightly fitting lycra dress. But they still benefit from the cycling underwear with seat cushioning (which is not visible).
Then, there is the variant of the thin cycling underpants without cushions which can can be worn with the tightly fitting cycling trousers without any problems. You might feel more comfortable with it for hygienic reasons. Or you'll deliberately grab a pair of warm thermal underpants, which will give your genital and loin regions additional protection against wind and weather. In any case, it is a good addition for cold weather bike trips. Buy cycling underwear functional underwear for cycling at favourable prices in the online shop

Find your perfect cycling undershirt

We believe that it should be a part of the basic equipment in every cyclist's wardrobe: Firstly, a breathable undershirt for hot summer tours, on the other hand, a thermal undershirt for cycling at cold temperatures in winter.
Functional underwear, whether with short or long sleeves, ensures that the sweat is transported away from the body during sportive activities and that you keep a dry body feeling. That is immensely important! There are lots of cycling undershirts in our shop to select from, a first aspect for your decision should be the weather conditions for which you need a functional undershirt. At really hot tours in midsummer, you will feel the most comfortable with as little fabrics on your skin as possible, thus a sleeveless or short sleeve undershirt of breathable, airy, thin fabrics. If it is close to the cold season, you should get a long sleeve cycling thermal undershirt, which will keep you nice and warm and which will keep the cold away from you. The respective cuts are also specific as to cycling underwear for women and men, so that the fit is a given. So you see: Really important for sports underwear is that it fits like a second skin. Only then, the material can fulfill its promise. But you also should not choose functional underwear for cycling which is too tight. Of course, cycling underwear should not pinch or restrict your movements.
Furthermore, there also is compression underwear for cycling. It is mostly being used by ambitious sportsmen. Since this type of underwear can be performance-enhancing due to its compression effect.

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