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Wheel size 650B

650B: Best of both worlds?

What you should know about 27.5

Bigger wheels are better - this is a well-known fact now. Especially when you are after riding comfort, speed and off-road qualities in rough terrain. 29er are not for everyone though and not everyone wants to get a new bike because of the bigger wheels. 650B wheels fit in many 26" frames and forks so it might make sense to upgrade and benefit from the bigger diameter.

Wheel sizes


650B rolls better than 26" wheeks and corners great while offering a better turn stability. The better wheels roll the better is the grip when the ground is wet, muddy or full of bumps. Benefit on singletracks - you will be able to go faster in almost every situation.

Of course you can mount 650b wheels onto your 29er bike and you will notice some advantages as the bottom bracket will sit way lower: You will be able to get through turns quicker and will sit "in the bike" more than on the bike. But there are disadvantages as well as you will have less space between crank arms and the bottom so please be careful in rough and rocky terrain!

So there are three main wheel sizes for mountain bikes:

  • 26", ideal for children, small persons and freestyle and 4X riding
  • 29", ideal for mostly tall people and fast speed without many turns.
  • 650B works for almost everything as is combines the advantages of 29er bikes with the ones on the smaller 26 inch bicycles.

We've got a large choice of wheels and bikes in all sizes - enjoy browsing our shop!

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