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Flat Pedals MTB

Buy cheap flat pedals for cycling in our online shop

Flat pedals are recommendable, if cyclists hesitate to use a permanent connection via a clipless system. Even downhill and freeride cyclists prefer flat pedals. They are either called flat or platform pedals. In wet conditions, however, they pose a potential risk since the foot can easily slip off the pedal. If you intend to buy a platform pedal, not only price and aesthetic appeal, but also the intended use should be considered. Most platform pedals are equipped with steel pins that provide grip and make them ideal for muddy and wet climatic conditions. Thanks to the pins, shoe and pedal are optimally connected, under dry conditions with a mountain bike as well as during muddy bad weather rides. If you are looking for pedals for a relaxing city tour under sunny weather, you can easily choose simple platform pedals or decide for plastic platform pedals. Flat pedals are available in many sizes, colours and materials, but can also exhibit differing pin lengths and counts. Since pedals transfer all of the cyclist's energy to the bicycle, they have to withstand a lot of strain over time. That's why most manufacturers equip their pedals with sealed ball bearings. Explore the great assortment of our platform pedal shop here.
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