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Brake Cables MTB

Brake cables for the mountain bike

Brake cables also age, they elongate and in the end they wear and tear, and you'll recognize it by the brake behaviour worsening, and if you do not pay attention, the cable can also (in the worst case) crack.
Brake cables differentiate themselves from the shift cables, even if they look similar! An MTB brake cable is a 1.6 mm thick (stainless) steel rope which transmits braking power and/or passes it on. At the end of a brake cable, there will always be an end cap which is anchored in the brake lever. This end cap features the so-called nipples at the end of the cable, the MTB end caps feature nipples which are shaped tubelike or are comparable with the shape of a ton. You'll also be able to see the difference to the road bike cable looking at this end cap.

Would you like to replace the cables on your own? Then you should always pay attention to a thorough installation since this will spare you problems with the friction, followed by a poor braking behaviour or a crack. Do not forget: a properly functioning brake cable is immensely important for your safety!
You should also pay attention to a good quality of the cables and not apply a false economy in this case! Stainless steel cables are recommended, they might be more expensive, but they are also rustproof! We offer you high-quality brake cables for the MTB from top brands, such as Jagwire, SRAM, Shimano, Nokon and more.

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