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What type of water bottle for the bicycle?

It's easy to underestimate how important an adequate intake of fluids is whilst practising sports. A cycling water bottle should not be missing on any tour. It fits in the backpack, in the back pocket of the jersey or in the bike's bottle holder. The HIBIKE drink bottle selection offers you the complete variety of water bottles. Whether it's a bottle made of aluminium, stainless steel or the typical plastic water bottle. There are smaller and larger bottles, even XL size bottles for when you're very thirsty. Thermos bottles keep beverages cold longer. You can also find clever bottles with an integrated filter system. About picking the material: A stainless steel bottle is rust-free, robust, durable and can withstand a dent. It does weigh more than a light plastic bottle, however. Water bottles made of plastic are the lightest, but they don't always have the best reputation. Due to containing plasticisers, they're sometimes rated as being not entirely safe. So you should definitely look for the label saying BPA-free. Furthermore, plastic is not neutral in odour and taste. Thus, the kind of beverage you usually pour into the bottle also plays a role. The plastic water bottle has the real advantage of being unbreakable, so dropping it once in a while is not an issue. If it does break, there are plenty of low-priced replacement bottles. Aside from stainless steel and plastic, aluminium water bottles are another option. They're also well-known, don't represent any health hazard, but are a little heavier. Dropping the bottle can easily leave some marks. If a dent causes the finish to come off, the aluminium bottle should be replaced. Buyers can even get glass water bottles for use in sporting, e.g. from Camelbak. It's up to you what type of water bottle for biking you want to purchase. Material, capacity, bottle stopper, type of mouthpiece, advertising logo, etc. All of this makes all the difference. At HIBIKE, we offer you a wide variety of cycling bottles at an affordable price.
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