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Foldable Locks

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Folding or jointed locks are constructed similarly to a Carpenter's folding rule. Joints connect the individual, stiff steel links (bars), that can be folded together in a practical manner. A folding lock is more flexible than a D-lock. The flat construction and the movable links make it especially difficult for a thief to use a hacksaw or bolt-cutters. A folding lock is easy to carry, thanks to it competent construction and offers great protection against theft for a lightweight lock. There are folding locks with different lengths, with combination locks or with cylinder locks requiring keys. In the HIBIKE range you will find among other brands Abus and Trelock who offer folding locks. Every brand scores points for different things. Trelock places value in special protective armour located on the vulnerable parts of bike locks. These are to protect against both brutal and intelligent attempts to break the lock. Abus is the market leader and developed the folding lock. It's your choice! Buy your new bike lock at competitive prices in our online bike lock store.
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