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Bike tools and care products online at HIBIKE

The correct bike care product - large selection at HIBIKE

In order for everything to go like clockwork, you need a bike care product and that most appropriately in regular intervals. There are different products, the purchase of which we can recommend. Buy bike care products at a favourable price from HIBIKEWhether lubricant, chain oils or even fat-dissolving bike cleaning products. The bundles which you can simply buy as bike care set, are very useful. We offer such sets for example from Muc-Off, these include depending on the prepacking bike cleaner, spray, sponge and brush for bike cleaning. If you have bought an expensive bike, you can do quite a lot in order to hold its value and to keep it roadworthy - You should take care of your bike! That means, you have to occasionally apply the correct oil for the chain and you also have to wash your bike with a good, conservative cleaner every once in a while and check the parts regularly for wear-and-tear and their proper fit. Then, you will have an eye on the condition of your bike and if you see to that, a small item does not have to turn into an elaborate bike repair.

Extensive bike care tips can be found here in our Blog posting, where Rainer explains (in German) the correct way of caring for your bike. In particular a subject for the MTB (due to the suspension components), which often causes insecurities.

Bike tools for the road

The small helpers, which are especially practical also include multi tools , small bike tools for when you're en route, which can be stored space-savingly in the backpack or the saddle bag. Easily and quickly folded, the small folding tools provide you e.g. with a screw driver, different Allen keys or even spoke wrenches. Some of the most popular mini folding tools come from the brand Park Tool or Topeak. 16 - 20 functions in a small folding tool are no rarity.

Professional bike tools also for mechanic hobbyists

Buy tools for the bike repair at a favourable price from HIBIKE We offer you almost everything you need for the bike repair here in our shop! No matter whether you are a mechanic hobbyist or a professional. Apart from the small multi tool in the backpack mentioned above, you might need this or that bike repair tool at home in your collection, such as may be a torque wrench or a chain tool. If you love it extensive and tidy, you will find that we have bike tool cases or bike tool sets as well as single tongs and cable cutters. And here too, Park Tool and Pedros are among the top brands, just indispensable if you want good quality. And by the way, you should never underestimate the purchase of small helpers, such as the tire lever! A small but useful accessory for changing tires which should not be missing in any backpack. Or even a repair kit for small mishaps en route.

Bike repair stand and/or fitting stand, when is it worth purchasing?

The bike fitting stand or repair stand is useful for every cyclist, who likes to have his bike in a comfortable position in front of himself in order to perform the repair and care work, that means being able to stand upright and to freely work. Is the bike hung (in the best case scenario a bike stand adjustable in height), repair work can be performed much more comfortably. This way, the screwing is a lot more fun! In addition, a tidy workbench and the fitting tool, and then it is 'Welcome in your own hobby shop'. Whoever would just like to have a tidy bike basement, is satisfied with a bike holder, you'll often find them under the identification display stands for bicycles.

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