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Electronic Devices

Electronics in cycling online at HIBIKE

Heart rate monitor, action cam, satnav: Buy electronic accessories for your bike

In our bike electronics section, you will find accessories, such as pulse monitors, bike computers, bike lighting systems and action cameras. It is no question at all that you can also enjoy nature without any of these technical accessories on your bike. But once they have come to enjoy them, numerous bikers do not want to miss technical devices on tour any more. Speed indicators, heart rate monitors, bike computers etc. already deliver some features and information when on the road, and they are easy to operate.
Buy speed indicators for cycling online at a favourable price. The minimum configuration should at least contain a speed indicator for cycling, which tells you the kilometres already covered and the speed. If you want more, your purchasing decision might rather shift towards bike computers. Such a computer provides you with many more details. A bike computer shows the profile of difference in altitude, provides you with the option to record the travelled distance and - in case of a bike satnav – it helps you to find your way. A GPS navigation unit, such as a Garmin Edge, provides active routing to your desired destination or guides you on the previously input roads through the terrain. By the way, we have quite a large selection of maps for your satnav to offer. From the inexpensive bike speed indicator to the fully developed bike navi, we hold a large selection of electric bike accessories available for you here in our online shop.

A heart rate monitor for cycling

A heart rate monitor for cycling or jogging helps you to maintain or even improve your personal fitness. Pulse monitors also offer different functions, depending on its model and capability. Modern heart rate monitors support you, for example, in determining of your resting pulse, your personal maximum pulse and the socalled aerobic zone. Thus, they help you to improve your fitness level and to effectively work towards a training target.

HD action cameras for first-class action videos

Buy an action camera for cycling online at a favourable price.

With an action cam you have finger on the pulse of the age. Incredible what these small hi-tech devices can perform nowadays. With simplest handling, you can cut videos, insert background music and thereafter, enthuse your friends or the whole world via Youtube (and social media). HD action cams on the helmets of many mountain bikers, downhillers or motorcyclists are no longer a rarity. Whether in the bike park or on the ski slope, an HD camera in the size of a Go Pro does not leave any wishes unanswered and turns the recording of videos into a hobby. Razor-sharp images which enthuse, even at high speeds.

Buy the best bike light, whether for the road or for your night ride

Apart from the accessories already mentioned, there is another very important item, and that is the the bike's lighting. Depending on the application, the purchase of a bike light does no longer fall into the category "can have" but rather into "must have". Since if you use your bike as a way of transport through the traffic, the lighting of your bike is part of the bike's equipment, which is a must have according to the road traffic act. Another lighting variant are the LED lamps which, being accumulator powered, make night rides possible - try it, it's a whole new experience. Real spotlights can be found among the front lights and the helmet lights. The top models are not as inexpensive, but they accordingly provide more output! With a 4-LED or 7-LED lamp on your bike, your ride through the night will really become an addictive experience. You will also find small bike lights, such as Knog Frog flashing bulbs, which can easily be fastened to the seat post. Discover more lighting details in our category or here in our HIBIKE-blog.

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