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E-Bikes for Kids

E-Bikes for children: More fun for the whole family!

Bicycles with the support of an electronically operated motor are nothing new.
But E-bikes for children and teenagers have been getting more and more attention.
Whether to school, to friends or on a bike tour with the parents through the forest - the youngsters will definitely have fun.
However, one or the other has to ask the question:
"Does that have to be, E-Bikes for children?"
There is hardly a topic that divides minds like this.
The incentive for children and adolescents on a pedelec is usually the electrical support itself. The driving experience is immediately more exciting, you are traveling faster and when the going gets steep, the engine supports passages where you would otherwise have had difficulties. The motivation to sit on the bike and just start riding is much higher for some people than with a conventional bike. However, it should be said in advance that the expectations are different. And so there are various reasons that justify a children's electric bike or not:

Why we want to BUY an e-bike for children?

Everyone knows it: you are on a bike tour with the youngsters and the kids sweat on steeply rising passages, breaks often have to be taken, or the little ones quickly lose the fun of the tour because it is too exhausting for them. The children's e-bike is just what you need. The children now have the chance to stay close on their parents' heels without having to put all their strength on the pedals. The motivation reaches a completely different level if you don't put the tail light on the tour, but can now drive alongside the parent. E-MTBs for children and adolescents mostly only consciously support up to 20 km / h (E-MTBs for adults mostly support up to 25 km / h) in order to slowly approach the electrically assisted cycling.
The best way to save weight on the bike is to choose a 400 Wh battery. Models with 500Wh or even 600Wh, however, are rather too big and heavy for children, as well as more expensive. The standard for batteries on children's e-bikes is usually around 250 Wh.

Why NOT buy an electric bike for kids? Think about the weight of the bike!

A disadvantage that almost every electric bike has: The weight!
The weight of the E-Bike is very important information when we are ready to buy a children's bike - the youngsters should have fun driving and not pull bricks behind them.
When the uphill part of the bike tour is done, it often goes back over gravel and uneven forest floor.
Due to the additional weight of the battery and the motor, these conditions can lead to the child losing control of the bike and in the worst case falling down. To prevent this, it is best to choose a smaller version of the battery.
The majority of the total weight comes from the battery and drive, so that a smaller and lighter version improves the driving experience for the youngsters.
In summary, you can only put a child on an e-bike if they are very safe on a bike without an electric drive, because of the higher speeds there is of course an increased risk of accidents.

What is there to consider when buying an E-MTB for young people?

There are many different criteria to consider when buying a children's E-MTB or bike. It starts with the size that the bike should have. As with all other bikes, there are different sized wheels on the bike. Most children's models are designed for older kids from the age of 12 and are equipped with 24 inch wheels. This wheel size, in combination with the correct frame size, is suitable for children from a height of 1.35 meters or more.
There are also electric bicycles for children with 20 inch wheels. However, the demand for these bikes is not so high, since younger children generally do not yet have too much specialist knowledge As already mentioned, weight is one of the most important points to consider when buying a children's e-bike. How much does the bike weigh in total? Is it perhaps more pleasant for the little ones to take a model with a smaller and therefore lighter battery and motor? And can the child cope with the extra weight and the additional speed thanks to the battery and electric drive? How stable can the child keep the bike on track?
If the weight does not affect the control of the child and the bike can handle it well, it can actually start.

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