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Tubes Road Bike

Buy road bike tubes at competitive prices

Here you will find our range of tubes for road bikes. The usual types of valves and triathlon wheels are French valves (SV ) also called Sclaverand valve. This thin valve is best suited to road bike wheels. High profile wheel rims, like those preferred for triathlon wheels, often need a valve extension or an extra long valve.

When buying a road bike tube, pay attention to the size. 28 inch or 26 inch wheel sizes are usually used on road bikes. Nevertheless, manufacturers use different methods to indicate the size. A 28 inch wheel (the English measure) is referred to as a 700 C by French manufacturers. Equally important when choosing tubes is the width of wheel rim. Of course when talking about road bikes the weight of the material and also of the tube is the first topic of conversation. The lighter the tube the sooner you will be bothered by punctures. We carry a huge range of road bike tubes at great prices. Road bike tubes from Continental, Schwalbe, Maxxis, Specialized and Co.

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