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Bike Parts

Bike parts online at HIBIKE

HIBIKE - Your online shop for bicycle parts

You would like to buy bicycle spare parts at a favourable price? Then, you are in the right place since bike parts are ever-present in our shop. Here are the roots of HIBIKE, the variety of parts has made us what we are today: Your accessory shop for bike spare parts of all sorts! There is much to discover in our product range...
We have enormously expanded our range of bike parts gradually. For every type of bike there are currently numerous special accessories available. We will maintain the overview for you, and you will benefit from our huge brand variety as well as from our favourable prices. Conveniently order online from us and we will dispatch your bike parts to you, worldwide! Whether it is just a tiny part for the bike or an immensely important attachment without which there is no moving forward, tuning parts for your MTB or just a screw! If you just cannot find the right spare part online, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.. Have fun on your discovery trip browsing through our huge offer!

Bike parts require regular checks and maintenance.

The chain of the bicycle has already aged, the studs are quite worn? No matter whether you use a road bike at high speed in the traffic or a mountain bike, which has to withstand harder assignments off the beaten tracks, the proper function of the bike parts should never be underestimated!
Safety comes first, therefore, you should give the parts of your bike the necessary attention!

  • For that reason, a regular inspection by a bike repair shop is most warmly recommended.
  • Particularly suspension elements require regular service in a specialist workshop!
  • With a brief check prior to each tour, you can monitor the proper function of your bike parts and thus possibly prevent major defects. Our shop recommends...

A quick check of the most important bike parts prior to each tour start.

! Before you go en route, you should always briefly check your bike. Just a few steps can help discover weaknesses before the tour is even started and consequently can protect you from the worst. The most important parts, which always have to function, are the brakes, the stem and handlebar screws, the headset and the wheels. If one of the parts does not work correctly, you will most certainly take a fall. Always have a close eye on the condition and the proper function of the bike parts!

  • Brakes: Is the pressure point the same at both brakes, even after several activations? Are the brake pads and disks functioning properly? Leakage at the screw connections?
  • Headset: Is there a clearance perceptible? Does it freely rotate?
  • Steering zone: are all screws properly tightened? Can the handlebar or the stem be twisted with low force? If that is the case, tighten the screws cross-wise with the correct tightening torque.
  • Wheels: Check the pressure of the tires, are the rims undamaged? Are the bearings of the hubs okay? Concentricity ok? Are all spokes correctly tensioned?
  • Not life-essential, but still meaningful: Is the chain oiled?

bicycle parts and their position on the bike using the example of an MTB full suspension

The different positions and functions of bike parts:

Keeps everything running: the drivetrain
The chain keeps everything running, it is driven by the crank. If you do not ride a singlespeed bike (meaning without gears), you use different gears to get forward thanks to the gearshift . Depending on the circumstances heavier or lighter gears. With the chain rings (front) and the cassette (on the rear wheel) numerous gear ratio combinations are available. The following bike parts are part of the drivetrain:

The core part of a bike, the bike frame:
Traditionally speaking, the bike frame consists of top tube, downtube, seat tube, which takes the seatpost and head tube, which takes the headset. Seatstays (runs above) and chainstays (runs below) form the element which takes the rear wheel. The seat tube takes the seat post which in turn gives the seat its position. In case of a full suspension bike, there is also an absorbing element, the rear shock. The following parts are in the center of your bike

The elements of the wheels:
A bike's properly working wheels are as important. If you buy a complete package consisting of two wheels (front + rear), it is considered a wheel set. You can also purchase all components separately, from the hub to the individual spoke. This provides individuals with the possibility to build-up their wheels according to their own wishes. Different wheel sizes, from the children's bike size of 12 inch up to the large 29 inch wheels as well as different rim widths identify the application of the bike. From extra narrow for the road bike application up to extra wide for top-class MTB fun. You can also individualise your bike in terms of colour with coloured rims and hubs. These are the parts of a wheel:

The front side of the bike:
Fork, headset, stem and handlebar form a unit at the bike's front in connection with each other. Changing the stem's length as well as the height of the headset/head tube, the sitting comfort can immensely be influenced. The sitting posture tells you a lot about the bike styles. The bicycle can be designed for a more "stretched" or rather a "flattened" posture. On principle, an upright sitting position is more suitable for long tours and transfer trips, and the flat position is suitable for sportive cycling, no matter whether by road bike or by MTB. These elements can be found at the front of the bike:

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