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Buy the matching MTB front derailleurs for mountain bikes

The variety of mountain bike front derailleurs meanwhile has become quite enormous! If in former times there only was the differentiation between the clamp sizes for fastening onto the seat tube (28.6, 31.8 or 34.9), the position of the front derailleur's cage to the clamp (top swing and/or low mount or down swing and/or high mount) and the cable pull from top or bottom, further standards were added as a result of the issue of the system integration. In addition to the 18 "classical" clamp-type front derailleurs, there are more and more so-called direct mount front derailleurs, which can do without the clamps which are susceptible for twisting and often hard to adjust. The E-type from Shimano which has been known for a while, has meanwhile developed into two separate versions and has been supplemented by direct mount standards with other hole spacings (Srams S1 and S3) or another mounting type (high direct mount etc.). Now, Shimano has launched another standard with the 11-speed XTR, which is the first 11 speed MTB group set one which can work with more chain rings in the front and with which the cable is routed directly from the front. When choosing the front derailleurs for the MTB, you must absolutely pay attention to the frame manufacturer's instructions in regard to which type of front derailleurs your bike can be fitted with. Furthermore, the MTB front derailleur should be used consistent with the drivetrain constellation used (number of chain rings and the cassette's configuration). . Shimano furthermore also offers front derailleurs for different seat tube angles. The selection of front derailleurs for your bike here in our shop is quite large. Should you be unable to cope with our offer of front derailleurs, just ask our experts, we'll for sure find the fitting model for you.

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