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Buy rims for your bike online. Rims & accessories for bikes

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Bike rims in all sizes for MTB and road bikes at reasonable prices

The right rim for your bike depends on the intended purpose and the type of bike you want to buy. There is a great variety here that we will show you shortly:

There are now 3 sizes of rims for the mountain bike:

  • Size 26" with 559 mm of rim diameter: Choose here Rims disc 26 inches or Rim braker rims 26 inches
  • You can find size 27,5" with 584mm of rim diameter here Rims disc 27,5 Inches (650B) and
  • select size 29" with 622mm of diameter here: Rims disc 29 inches

And these rims size 28“ with 622 mm of rim diameter for the road bike. Our choice: Rims for road bikes

The history of the bike rim

In the past, bike rims were usually made of steel, then later of stainless steel. They were really heavy and did not provide good stability and durability either. Eventually, the first aluminium rims were created, and the currently in-use stable hollow section rims were derived from those.
The current hollow section rims are produced with high quality, suitable for also demanding purposes, and have proved themselves to be stable as well as durable. The manufacturers achieve the required stability thanks to various amounts of holes in the spoke drillings.

Bike rims here colourful 26 inches rimsFor MTB rims for example, there are 28-hole, 32-hole, and 36-hole drillings in the rim for the spokes. The rim width too affects the stability of the wheel and accordingly the off-road capability of your bike.

For road bikes, a V rim is used most of the time. A rim for road bike is trim and especially streamlined, offering aerodynamic advantages which are highly valued by road bikers. Rims for road bikes also have less spokes than those for mountain bikes. In the high-end range, carbon is very often used as material. Carbon rims provide even better aerodynamic advantages most of the time, and are the right choice for bikers who value weight optimisation.

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