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Wilier Cento10NDR 28" road bike frame kit glossy 2020

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size XS blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696574
size XS black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696575
size XS black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696576
size XS black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696577
size XS ramato 4.739,50€ 18696578
size S blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696579
size S black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696580
size S black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696581
size S black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696582
size S ramato 4.739,50€ 18696583
size M blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696584
size M black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696585
size M black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696586
size M black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696587
size M ramato 4.739,50€ 18696588
size L blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696589
size L black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696590
size L black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696591
size L black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696592
size L ramato 4.739,50€ 18696593
size XL blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696594
size XL black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696595
size XL black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696596
size XL black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696597
size XL ramato 4.739,50€ 18696598
size XXL blue/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696599
size XXL black/red matt 3.529,41€ 18696600
size XXL black/matt 3.529,41€ 18696601
size XXL black/white matt 3.529,41€ 18696602
size XXL ramato 4.739,50€ 18696603
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Ride faster - ride further

A road bike that offers the ultimate balance between performance and comfort. With the Cento10NDR you can drive faster and further thanks to its special endurance geometry and the ACTIFLEX system. The new Wilier concept was developed to absorb vibrations on the rear triangle and shocks caused by uneven road surfaces.

The Race-Endurance bike with ACTIFLEX cushioning

Looking for racing comfort

The racing bike market continues to develop. New users are approaching the world of performance two-wheelers with intentions that differ from those of pure performance sports: more comfortable geometries, wheels with wider tires, disc brakes, the desire for long and stress-free journeys. In other words: the combination of responsiveness, performance, lightness, agility and comfort. In Cento10NDR, we have summarized all these aspects, which until then had belonged to completely different bicycle visions and a different bicycle experience. With the development of the ACTIFLEX project started in 2014, Wilier brought her typical racing DNA into the endurance world.


ACTIFLEX is the heart of the Cento10NDR frame. It is a special connection between the seat tube and the rear struts. With an aluminum link and a carefully dimensioned technopolymer deflection system, Wilier can allow the rear wheel a few millimeters of deflection. The torsional strength from the aluminum link is comparable to that of conventional carbon monocoque struts, despite the existing joints. Rigidity that gives the frame race performance, but at the same time allows the rear wheel to move vertically when the road is uneven. Connected to the link is the lead system that stabilizes the rear kinematics. This special technopolymer has outstanding mechanical properties, high protection against weather-related influences and can be used at temperatures between -40 ° C and +150 ° C. The lead system is available in three different colors for three different densities. This allows ACTIFLEX to be adjusted as best as possible to the driver's weight or the terrain normally used.

Complete integration

The sophisticated design of the head tube with the special shape of the bearings makes it possible to lay up to three cable sleeves completely inside the frame. These three cable sleeves lead into the head tube thanks to "Alabarda", "Stemma" and "Barra", the new handlebar / stem unit, which accommodate the cables of the brake / shift unit and aligns them within the head tube at the correct angle. As a result, the wheel does not have any external sleeves when electromechanically transmitted in combination with disc brakes - an extremely tidy appearance for the Cento10NDR.


The racing frame Cento10NDR emerges from the Cento10AIR, their high-quality, light and aerodynamic bike. As with the Cento10AIR, the new Wilier product was developed according to the rules of NACA-Low-Speed, the algorithms for aviation, by means of which the tubes of the frame can be dimensioned with the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency. The NACA algorithms are accompanied by another important concept in aerodynamics: Kamm's theory. Because all profiles have a comb tail. This solution saves weight and increases rigidity without affecting the aerodynamics of the tube itself.

Maximum versatility with Dual Brake Technology

Cento10NDR is the first road bike that can be equipped with two different types of brakes: frame and fork: 160 mm disc brakes with thru axles and brake disc or direct-mount rim brakes with conventional quick releases. This solution extends the configurations possible with the Cento10NDR so that the frame is always ready for a possible upgrade of the brake group. Fork and rear triangle are dimensioned so that they offer increased tire clearance: The possibility of using tires up to 28 mm wide with direct mount or up to 30 mm with disc brakes.

Balanced design

The balanced design conveys the same driving experience for all frame sizes. The tube sections for the different frame sizes are different to ensure that rigidity, comfort and driving characteristics are the same for every frame size.


The frame geometry plays an important role when talking about endurance bikes. If Wilier wants to offer the Cento10NDR driver the highest racing comfort, they have to use new proportions between the tubes of the frame. They have a slightly shorter seating position (the reach is smaller compared to bikes with conventional racing geometries) or a higher seating position (a larger stack compared to the racing geometries). This reach & stack combination allows a comfortable position without using spacers between the stem and frame. How often do you see riders riding pure racing bikes with spacers of several centimeters on the handlebars? With the Cento10NDR, the overall look of the bike is now harmonious, proportioned, balanced - and yet "racing-like". The Reach & Stack graphic shows the correct position of the six frame sizes of Cento10NDR ("celeste" line) in relation to the other frames from Wilier Triestina in recent years.

Attention: The illustration can deviate from the equipment list


specification description
frame Carbon monocoque 60TON + SEI FILM
fork Carbon monocoque 60TON
tax rate FSA Custom Bearings
seatpost Ritchey Pro Carbon 27.2mm
wheel size 28 "

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Improve your posture in the saddle with Accu-Fit
The optimal seating position is known to be one of the most important issues for cyclists, especially for competitors and long-distance riders. In the past, it was relatively easy to measure the length of tubes on steel bicycles, but with the years and with the introduction of sloping geometries, determining the dimensions became more and more complex. In addition to the usual values (height, length and angle), data for reach & stack were added, horizontal and vertical values for the distance between the bottom bracket and the handlebar center.

But modern bikes like the Wilier Zero SLR, the Cento10PRO and the Cento10NDR have increased the complexity of the measurement even further. These are complete, complex systems that result from the combination of frames, spacers and monocoque handlebars. When buying, it is therefore important to know the size of each individual bicycle element based on your own physiognomy. As a manufacturer of frames and monocoque handlebars, we have added a new value to the frame measurement that combines the length of the head tube and the dimensions of the monocoque handlebar.

This coordinate, called ACCU-FIT, determines the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and the hand support in the center of the handlebar. It is clear that there are as many coordinates for each model as there are frame sizes, multiplied by the number of handlebars and the configuration of the spacers.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Wilier Cento10NDR 28 "road bike frame kit (see item description for details)
  • including fork, headset and seat post
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