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Tubolito S-Tubo MTB tube SV 42mm orange

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26" 25,01€ 48490003
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29" 25,01€ 48490005
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The lightweight Tubolito bicycle tube made of thermoplastic material

Even lighter - even more compact: Thanks to the removable valve, the S-Tubo-MTB can be rolled up extremely space-savingly (3.5 cm diameter x 5 cm height). Their puncture resistance is the same as with standard hoses, despite their low weight of only 43 g (29 "). Tubolito tubing is a lightweight alternative for tubeless riders.

The new generation of bicycle inner tubes

Tubolito combines the innovative high-tech thermoplastic material with a newly developed production technology. Seams are reduced to a minimum and remaining seams are overlapped broadly.

The result is a unique, high-quality product - as if made from a single mould. The test riders were impressed by the combination of weight reduction and resistance.

Tubolito tubes made of high-tech thermoplastic material can withstand twice the forces of standard tubes. The material can be stretched more than four times, which provides maximum protection against breakdowns. To test the tube, a 0.75 mm mandrel travels at a defined speed through a pre-drilled hole in the sheath. Tyre pressure is 2.0 bar. The force and the distance to the blowout are recorded. Tubolito is clearly convincing here: the puncture resistance is twice as high as that of standard tubes.


  • Lightweight - up to 65% lighter than a standard hose
  • Robust - 2x stronger than standard hoses
  • Made in EU - Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe


Weight29": 45g / 27.5": 44g / 26": 42g
Tire width1.8"-2.4"
Valve typeSclaverand / französiches Ventil
Valve length42mm
Type of usageMarathon / Cross Country / Trail

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Tubolito S-Tubo MTB tube SV 42mm orange (see item description for details)
Tubolito S-Tubo MTB tube 26" SV 42mm orange

Über die Marke Tubolito

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