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Topeak brand shop

About Topeak


Topeak engineers have only one thing in mind: cycling. They cycle with passion. And this is why they exactly know what is going on. Their product ideas arise neither on the computer nor in the marketing department but on the street or on the Single Trial. Always with the motto in mind: More bike fun through intelligent innovation. Function and quality is what counts.

Topeak defines innovation as a process of development of problem solutions or new ideas. In the Topeak product development innovation is the philosophy. Since 1991 Topeak gets constantly honored with test wins and design award prices and so made itself a worldwide name as bike equipment manufacturer.

The Topeak brand shop

In the Topeak brand shop you find 496 different products in total for bargain prices with worldwide shipping:
  • Backpacks & Bags accessories and bladders
  • Bags for handlebar & top tube mounting
  • Bags for helmet/shoes/equipment
  • Bags for rack and frame triangle mounting
  • Bags other
  • Bags panniers
  • Baskets
  • Bicycle cases / bicycle bags
  • Bicycle cases / bicycle bags - accessories
  • Bottle cages
  • Bottles
  • Bottles accessories / small parts
  • Cameras / helmet cameras accessories
  • Computers
  • Computers spares
  • Lights front
  • Lights headlamp/flashlight/misc
  • Lights spare parts
  • Mudguards / splash guards
  • Mudguards, fenders and covers
  • Mudguards, fenders and covers spare parts
  • Multi Tools
  • Protective foil / other coatings
  • Pumps CO2 inflators
  • Pumps floor pumps
  • Pumps hand & mini pumps
  • Pumps high pressure
  • Pumps high pressure spare parts
  • Pumps spare parts
  • Racks
  • Racks spare parts / accessories
  • Saddles
  • Smartphone & iPhone equipment
  • Tools
  • Trailers
  • Valve caps & valve extensions
  • Workstands / Bikestands
  • Workstands / Bikestands accessories
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