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THM-Carbones brand shop

About THM-Carbones

The brand THM-Carbones is a product line of the company THM Faserverbund- Technologie GmbH. The THM GmbH develops and manufactures many different products since 1993 mainly out of carbon fiber increased plastic material. The focus is clearly in the demand for lightweight, extremely stable components.

The correct use of carbon requires great expertise. Experience and high standards in our own quality standards are the basic foundation for outstanding quality products. The THM GmbH has developed and manufactured components out of carbon for many years i.a. for the company Storck Bicycle GmbH. The fork "Stiletto" and the MTB frame "Organic" as well as the treadle "Powerarms" enjoy worldwide reputation.

We set standards with the first full carbon suspension fork with continuous fibers from the stem to the dropout. Test winner, Design Award winner (red point for highest design quality, Award from the Industry Forum Design Hannover) – many superlatives distinguish our products. The powerarms still are one of the lightest in series manufactured carbon treadles in the world! Both products were and still are developed and manufactured from us. An example for the standards we set for our products.

Development, construction, proving and serial production are combined. There are no interface problems, all comes from one hand. In short development cycles we can instantly implement all new awarenesses. Thereby all our products are continuously improved and get closer and closer to the optimum.

Director Thomas Mertin chases for the vision of his own product line. His years of accumulated experience and his know-how he wanted to combine in his products. The result are the THM- Carbones – carbon in perfection. The name is based on the human skeleton because of the also outstanding properties of the bones.

All bike components from THM-Carbones mark everything that is currently technically feasible. This maxim we consciously put over price policy considerations. Our goal is manufacturing the lightest but although most resilient carbon components in the world. We take time for that.

THM-Carbones offer you a fascinating leightweight, unique exclusivity, outstanding function and a hundred percent safety.

The THM-Carbones brand shop

In the THM-Carbones brand shop you find 2 different products in total for bargain prices with worldwide shipping:
  • Bottom brackets road bike
  • Cranks acessories & spare parts
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