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SRAM EX1 rear derailleur 8 speed type 3.0 E- bike black

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SRAM EX1 rear derailleur 8 speed type 3.0 E- bike black 115,66€ 54209246
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SRAM EX1 rear derailleur E-Bike Type 3.0

Ever since the first, totally rundown and old bicycles of American newspaper boys were modified for mountains, gravel and forests, mountain biking has been about defying tradition and improving driving. And every new driving style needs a perfect solution. EX1 is the world's first propulsion system designed to meet the unique needs of e-mountain bikes. With the proven SRAM 1x ™ technology as its DNA, the EX1 cassette is the heart of this group. It allows optimal gear shifts for more targeted gear shifts and the best gear ratio for mid-range e-MTBs. Each EX1 component was designed to be the perfect complement to the system. The result is smoother running, intuitive switching, longer battery life and more resilience. EX1 opens the door to a beautiful new world of mountain biking.


  • Specially designed for E-MTBs
  • X-Horizon
  • X-Sync
  • Cage lock
  • X-Actuation
  • Roller Bearing Clutch
  • Gears: 8-fold
  • Material: aluminum
  • Cage Size: Mid Cage
  • Maximum reach pinion: 48
  • Schaltrölchen: 12 teeth
  • Compatible Chain: SRAM PC EX1 (not included)
  • Weight: 289g


X-Horizon ™:

The parallelogram design of the X-Horizon ™ control limits movement along the horizontal axis, eliminating so-called "ghost shifting," while reducing shifting force. For faster and more accurate shifts.

X-Sync ™ :

SRAM's X-Sync ™ 1X chainrings deliver the highest performance and durability. The long SRAM X-Sync ™ teeth grip the chain earlier than traditional triangular teeth. The sharp and narrow tooth profile and the rounded oblique edges support the chain guide. To provide the best possible performance even on muddy terrain, the X-Sync ™ chainrings have recesses to remove dirt and mud from the inner chain links and rollers. The X-Sync ™ chainrings manufactured in Germany are an important part of the SRAM 1x drive.

Cage Lock ™:

The Cage Lock ™ technology in the rear derailleur makes rear wheel removal and installation and chain mounting quicker and easier than ever. Simply push the cage forward (to release the chain tension) and lock.

Roller Bearing Clutch ™:

Roller Bearing Clutch ™ ensures that the cage can build up tension. A needle-bearing coupling prevents too easy forward movement, the chain remains taut and does not hit against the strut. Thus, even without chain guide on the crank a jump off the chain is reliably prevented.

X-Actuation ™:

Specially designed for SRAM 1x ™, X-ACTUATION ™ technology ensures precise and consistent switching throughout the cartridge.


  • 1x SRAM EX1 rear derailleur E-bike Type 3.0 8-speed black


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