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Shimano SH-MT301 SPD MTB- shoes

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Item #
SH-MT301 MTB- size 37.0 grey 60,93€ 96115173
SH-MT301 MTB- size 38.0 grey 60,93€ 96115174
SH-MT301 MTB- size 39.0 grey 60,93€ 96115175
SH-MT301 MTB- size 40.0 grey 60,93€ 96115176
SH-MT301 MTB- size 41.0 grey 60,93€ 96115177
SH-MT301 MTB- size 42.0 grey 60,93€ 96115178
SH-MT301 MTB- size 43.0 grey 60,93€ 96115179
SH-MT301 MTB- size 44.0 grey 60,93€ 96115180
SH-MT301 MTB- size 45.0 grey 60,93€ 96115181
SH-MT301 MTB- size 46.0 grey 60,93€ 96115182
SH-MT301 MTB- size 47.0 grey 60,93€ 96115183
SH-MT301 MTB- size 48.0 grey 60,93€ 96115184
SH-MT301 MTB- size 38.0 black 60,93€ 96115186
SH-MT301 MTB- size 39.0 black 60,93€ 96115187
SH-MT301 MTB- size 40.0 black 60,93€ 96115188
SH-MT301 MTB- size 41.0 black 60,93€ 96115189
SH-MT301 MTB- size 42.0 black 60,93€ 96115190
SH-MT301 MTB- size 43.0 black 60,93€ 96115191
SH-MT301 MTB- size 47.0 black 60,93€ 96115195
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The Shimano SH-MT3 SPD mountain touring shoes for men



  • Designed for recreational tours on the road and off road
  • Classic lacing system for excellent pedaling efficiency on and off-road recreational tours coupled with outstanding walking comfort
  • Glass fiber reinforced stiffening plate for optimized sole stiffness
  • EVA midsole and rubber outsole improve pedaling efficiency and walking comfort
  • One-piece upper design provides a secure fit, more durability and saves weight


specification description
application Touring
system SPD
mass 706 g at size 42 (pair)
sole EVA midsole and rubber outsole for better pedaling efficiency and excellent walking comfort
Lock system Classic lacing system
pedal recommendation PD-T8000, PD-EH500

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

SHIMANO PEDALING DYNAMICS is an integrated shoe / pedal system that combines outstanding power delivery when pedaling with stable off-bike feel.

Synthetic leather
Lighter, stronger and more durable than real leather


  • 1 pair Shimano SH-MT3 SPD MTB shoes (see item description for details)
Shimano SH-MT301 SPD MTB- shoes size 37.0 grey
Shimano SH-MT301 SPD MTB- shoes size 38.0 black

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