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Schwalbe tube Nr. 5 for 18'' SV5A standard (18x1.75-18x2.35") fr cable- valve 40mm, 95g

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Schwalbe tube Nr. 5 for 18'' SV5A standard (18x1.75-18x2.35") fr cable- valve 40mm, 95g 5,68€ 42947739
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Schwalbe Standard Hose No. 5 for 18 '' SV5A (18x1.75-18x2.35 ")

Due to a particularly pure rubber compound and a uniform wall thickness, the hoses from Schwalbe keep the air especially long. So you can safely start every bike adventure.

Schwalbe bicycle hoses are usually made of butyl rubber. Butyl is a very elastic and airtight synthetic rubber. The base material is pressed with enormous pressure through a total of seven filters prior to extrusion. All hoses are placed in a mold for vulcanization and pumped up. Only this ensures uniform wall thickness and high air retention. All finished tubes are inflated and stored for at least 24 hours to test for air retention. After that, each hose is checked carefully by visual inspection. German Schwalbe Hose has been valued for many years by German bicycle dealers for its high reliability. Every Schwalbe hose is 100 percent recyclable. Schwalbe can use the recycled butyl rubber in the production of new hoses without loss of quality. Each new Schwalbe standard hose is therefore already today about 20 percent recycled raw material. This is compared to the production of the same amount of new butyl, only one fifth of energy is consumed.


  • reliability
  • High air content
  • Uniform wall thicknesses
  • Material butyl rubber
  • 100 percent recyclable

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Car Valve
The auto-valve can be very easily filled at the gas station.

Sclaverand valve
The Sclaverand valve is narrower than the other valves (6 instead of 8 mm). It requires a smaller rim bore and is therefore particularly well suited for narrow road rims. And has meanwhile established itself on many mountain bikes.

Dunlop valve
The classic bicycle valve or Dunlop valve is still the most widely used on city bikes. Most bikes are familiar with it. The valve insert can easily be replaced and the air can be drained very quickly. The assembly is more complicated with a hose with Dunlop valve, because the valve has to be disassembled and reassembled.


  • 1x Schwalbe hose no. 5 for 18 '' SV5A standard (18x1.75-18x2.35 ") fr.-valve 40mm, 95g (see item description for details)

Über die Marke Schwalbe

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