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Schwalbe Pro One TLE Evolution 20" folding tire ADDIX_RACE MicroSkin_28-406_(20x1.10)_black_skin

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ADDIX RACE MicroSkin 28-406 (20x1.10) black skin 42940170 33,53€
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Creating Souplesse. Tubeless Easy high-end road tire.

Combines souplesse, speed and control at the highest level. The best road tire that Schwalbe has ever developed. With the latest Souplesse Carcass construction, which integrates the Tubeless Easy technology in the most advanced way, the Pro One is the benchmark for tubeless road bike tires. No other tire gives the driver as much control and safety as Pro One. The driving experience is similar to the smooth behavior of a classic tubular tire. And it is fast. The integrated Tubeless Easy technology and the new ADDIX Race Compound are an unbeatable combination for maximum speed. The Pro One remains controllable at all times - on the fastest pass runs, in extreme inclines, under any condition. In addition to the high protection factor of TLE technology, the high-tech fabric V-Guard protects against cuts and punctures.

Attention: The TLE tire is specially designed for tubeless use without a tube and offers the best performance by far.


  • Creating Souplesse
  • Addix Race Multi Compound
  • Only 235 g (25 mm version)
  • 13% lower rolling resistance
  • 22% more corner grip
  • Increased puncture protection
  • Longer mileage
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Width matched to modern 19C rims

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Evolution line
The best thing that can be done. Highest quality materials. Latest technology.

Tubeless technology
Tubeless is the right choice for all ambitious drivers. Tubeless achieves absolute best values in terms of: + SPEED + GRIP + breakdown safety + comfort

Soupless Carcass
Souplesse Carcass Construction Special turn-up construction for an exceptional driving experience with race tires.

ADDIX Race Compound
Extra strong grip at high cornering speeds combined with long durability in e-mode.

V-Guard Protection
Fabric insert made of extremely light and cut-resistant high-tech fiber.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Schwalbe Schwalbe Pro One TLE Evolution 20 "folding tire (see item description for details)

Über die Marke Schwalbe

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