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Schwalbe Marathon Plus wire bead tire Performance SmartGuard Twin-Skin

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Item #
16" E-25 35-349 (16x1.35) Endurance-compound black-reflex 21,08€ 42947551
20" E-25 35-406 (20x1.35) Endurance-compound black-reflex 21,08€ 42947552
20" E-50 47-406 (20x1.75) Endurance-compound black-reflex 22,08€ 42947553
24" E-25 47-507 (24x1.75) Endurance-compound black-reflex 24,10€ 42947554
28" E-25 32-622 (28x1.25) Endurance-compound black-reflex 24,10€ 42947563
28" E-50 37-622 (28x1.40) Endurance-compound black-reflex 23,09€ 42947564
28" E-50 40-622 (28x1.50) Endurance-compound black-reflex 20,47€ 42947565
28" E-50 47-622 (28x1.75) Endurance-compound black-reflex 24,10€ 42947566
28" E-25 40-635 (28x1 1/2) Endurance-compound black-reflex 23,09€ 42947567
24" E-25 25-540 (24x1.00) GRC-compound grey/black 28,13€ 42948407
28" E-25 25-622 (28x1.00) Endurance-compound black-reflex 23,09€ 42948599
28" E-25 28-622 (28x1.10) Endurance-compound black-reflex 23,09€ 42948600
24" E-25 37-540 (24x1 3/8) GRC-compound grey/black 29,14€ 42948408
  • 780g (Herstellerangabe)
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The Schwalbe MARATHON PLUS Unplattbar Trekking / City tires

After 10 years, Schwalbe has thoroughly overhauled the Marathon Plus. The only real unflatbar tire gets a new, dynamic profile and convinces with many inner values ​​like the Smart Guard core, which makes the tire incredibly stable and puncture proof.


  • The Unplattbar tire
  • 5mm SmartGuard insert
  • Anti-aging sidewall
  • Performance line
  • Endurance marathon compound for maximum durability
  • TwinSkin (additional rubber coating / sidewall protection)
  • E-bike Ready 50 and 25km / h (for e-bikers please note the permissible maximum speed E-25 = 25Km / h /// E-50 = 50Km / h)


Performance Line: Excellent quality for intensive use.

Plus: The Unplattbaren®: Extremely resilient, maximum reliability, maximum mileage. The best puncture protection with protective insert made of highly elastic special rubber (SmartGuard).

Endurance: Endurance Marathon Compound. For maximum durability.

SmartGuard®: The most effective protective belt available for bicycle tires. Unplattbar® even. Solid, 5 mm thick layer of highly elastic special rubber provides lasting protection. Even with retracted objects. Even a tack does no harm.

TwinSkin: Twin refers to an additional gumming of the sidewall, which protects against cuts and allows a uniform coloration.

E-bike ready: 50 / 25km / h for fast e-bikes, a special release of the tires is necessary.


  • 1x Schwalbe Marathon Plus Performance SmartGuard Clincher Endurance Compound (see item description for details)
Schwalbe Marathon Plus 16" wire bead tire Performance SmartGuard Twin-Skin E-25 35-349 (16x1.35) Endurance-compound black-reflex
Schwalbe Marathon Plus 24" wire bead tire Performance SmartGuard Twin-Skin E-25 25-540 (24x1.00) GRC-compound grey/black

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