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Pedro's Markenshop

Pedros Ice Wax 2.0 chain lubricant for halbnaß to dry conditions
Pedro's Ice Wax 2.0 chain lubricant for halbnaß to dry conditions
1 x Pedro´s Ice Wax 2.0;
15,03 €
from 8.97
Pedros tire lever (2 pcs.)
Pedro's tire lever (2 pcs.)
Refined composite formula resists breakage & bending. New ergonomic shape is easier to handlethan standard levers. Snap together for easy storage.
6,04 €
Pedros HG cassettes removal tool Steckschlüssel Pin
Pedro's HG cassettes removal tool Steckschlüssel Pin
HG Kassetten Abzieher. Stabile Ausführung in CroMoly Werkzeugstahl mit und ohne Führungsstifft. Passend auch für 9-fach Kassetten
14,02 €
from 9.98
Pedros DH tire lever
Pedro's DH tire lever
The mother of all tire levers, this will removeeven the most stubborn bicycle tires. The lever is extra long for leverage and the tiphas radiused edges for...
22,08 €
Pedros Y torx- wrench T10/T25/T30
Pedro's Y torx- wrench T10/T25/T30
Es gibt eine bekannte Automarke deren Logo fast genauso aussieht wie diesesY-Inbus Schlüssel. Das könnte mit der hohen Qualität der Pedro‘s Werkzeuge zu...
15,03 €
Pedros Pro Brush kit four special brush in convenient r bag
Pedro's Pro Brush kit four special brush in convenient r bag
Four Special Brushes in practical pocket;
30,15 €
Pedros Green Fizz Biologischer bike cleaner
Pedro's Green Fizz Biologischer bike cleaner
Biologischer Fahrradreiniger; Schont die Umwelt; Reinigt durch kraftvollen Schaum, einfach einsprühen und abspülen; Praktische Sprühflasche; Geeignet für...
10,99 €
from 7.97
Pedros Chain Keeper chain holder
Pedro's Chain Keeper chain holder
Chain Keeper Protect the frame from the chain.
17,04 €
Pedros bottom bracket- wrench for Shimano Hollowtech II
Pedro's bottom bracket- wrench for Shimano Hollowtech II
Spline wrench to fit all new Shimano integrated BB cups. Through heat-treated Chrome Moly Steel. Laser cut to exacting specifications.
30,15 €
Pedros bio-Grease 2.0 Allzweck grease Tube 100g
Pedro's bio-Grease 2.0 Allzweck grease Tube 100g
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12 €
Pedros Apprentice pedal wrench 15mm
Pedro's Apprentice pedal wrench 15mm
Leichter Pedalschlüssel aus hitzebehandeltem Werkzeugstahl; Länge: 300mm;
24,10 €
Pedros Allzw edge knife
Pedro's Allzw edge knife
1 x Pedro´s Utility Knife;
28,13 €
Pedros Vise Whip cassettes Grip caliper
Pedro's Vise Whip cassettes Grip caliper
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85,61 €
Pedros Toothbrush cog- brush
Pedro's Toothbrush cog- brush
Not dentist recommended, but this double-ended brush is ideal for cogs, derailleurs, or chainrings. Solvent resistant yellow synthetic handle: and the bristles...
6,96 €
Pedros Syn Lube chain lubricant
Pedro's Syn Lube chain lubricant
Kettenschmierung mittlerer Viskosität; Verbesserte Formel für lang anhaltende Schmierleistung und verringerten Kettenverschleiß; Geht eine elektrostatische...
6,96 €
from 4.94
Pedros Spitz caliper
Pedro's Spitz caliper
1 x Pedro´s Needle Nose Pliers;
43,26 €
Pedros Shimano inside lagerschlüssel 16x39 for SM-BB93 XTR/Dura Ace BB 9000
Pedro's Shimano inside lagerschlüssel 16x39 for SM-BB93 XTR/Dura Ace BB 9000
1 x Pedro´s BB wrench shimano 16x39;
32,17 €
Pedros Shimano 6- tooth inside lagerschlüssel
Pedro's Shimano 6- tooth inside lagerschlüssel
Dieser Schlüssel ist geeignet, Deine Generation zu überdauern; Montageschlüssel für Shimano 6- oder 8-Zahn Innenlager; Hitzebehandelter Cromoly...
30,15 €
Pedros rotor n straightening tool
Pedro's rotor n straightening tool
1 x Pedro´s Disc Wrench;
16,03 €
Pedros Pro cone-/Ratschenschlüssel set 8-15mm
Pedro's Pro cone-/Ratschenschlüssel set 8-15mm
Set of 8 includes 8-15mm sizes and storage pouch. Both ratcheting and open ends meet or exceed international standards for torque. Polished chrome finish...
220,84 €
Pedros Pro Chain Tool 2.0 rivet tool replacementpins for Pro rivet tool
Pedro's Pro Chain Tool 2.0 rivet tool replacementpins for Pro rivet tool
2 Ersatzstifte für Pedros Pro Chain Tool und Pro Chain Tool 2.0;
7,05 €
Pedros Master Tool kit 3.0
Pedro's Master Tool kit 3.0
64 high-quality Profi -Werkzeuge in einem stabilen ABS-Hartschalenkoffer mit speziell angepassten Werkzeugaufnahmen; Reifenheber; magnetische Ablageschale;...
1.209,08 €
Pedros headset wrench
Pedro's headset wrench
25,11 €
from 18.05
Pedros GO! chain lubricant 100ml
Pedro's GO! chain lubricant 100ml
Umweltverträgliches, biologisch abbaubares Kettenschmiermittel; Wasserfest; Schmutzabweisend und extrem beständig; Leichtes Öl für Rennrad;
12 €
Pedros Equalizer Pro pedal wrench 15mm
Pedro's Equalizer Pro pedal wrench 15mm
350mm length makes removal of the most stubborn pedals easy. Made from through heat-treated Chrome-Moly steel to stand up to the harsh conditions of...
48,30 €
Pedros cone wrench
Pedro's cone wrench
Pro quality heat-treated steel, precision cut for an exact fit with no slippage. Hand saving no-slip plastic grip. Ergonomically single ended wrenches are...
17,04 €
from 6.96
Pedros chain lock- caliper
Pedro's chain lock- caliper
1 x Pedros Link Pliers;
19,06 €
Pedros Chain checker Plus chain verschleiß gauge
Pedro's Chain checker Plus chain verschleiß gauge
Lehre zur Verschleißmessung von Kette und Schaltwerksrolle; Werkzeug für Kettenblattschrauben;
22,08 €
Pedros Cable Puller cable tensioner
Pedro's Cable Puller cable tensioner
Cuts cable, housing and wirequickly and easily. Precision ground heat-treatedtool steel guaranteed to last a lifetime. Comfortable cushion handles. Thumb lock...
36,20 €
Pedros Bye Grease degreaser
Pedro's Bye Grease degreaser
1 x Pedro´s Bye Grease;
7,97 €
from 5.95
Pedros Burrito Tool Wrap tool bag
Pedro's Burrito Tool Wrap tool bag
Rolltasche für Werkzeug mit 20 Einsschubtaschen; Passend für Werkzeuge von 350mm Länge; Strapazierfähiges, wasserabweisendes Material; Mit Schlaufen zum...
50,32 €
Pedros bike Lust polish
Pedro's bike Lust polish
Politur und Schutz aus erneuerbaren Rohstoffen; Gibt einen glatten, elastischen Film; Schutz vor UV-Strahlen; Für alle Bedingungen geeignet;
20,07 €
from 13.01

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In the Pedro's brand shop you find 88 different products in total for bargain prices with worldwide shipping:
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About Pedro's

We all know that. Only 5 minutes until the meeting point at the crossroads but before that you must go in the garage. Quickly adjusting the tire pressure. Bottles in the bottle cages, providing the bike computer to zero and let's go.
But in the garage you discover: Your bike has become very dirty after the last ride. The chain has a red complexion from the last drench, the color of your bike is completely brown and the mud from the wood hutch in the pedals has converted to cement.
Well... the last tour was pretty hard, you barely made it under the shower...and the afternoon on the couch was neccessary for regeneration...furthermore your scavenger was empty...and...yes monday was a really hard working day for you.
Today's tour is guaranteed going to stay in your mind because it won't be fun. The chain is going to chatter as if it is a hundred years old, the hook-up is going to attend its job after a random principle and the first big roots are going to catapult you out of your klick pedals.

Dear bike friend: There are many excuses for neglected bike care. But the only acceptable excuse is that you don't have the right equipment for the care and maintenance in your home workshop.
For clear bike pleasure we approve you the products of Pedro´s with which the care and maintenance becomes fun.
Always remember: the ross comes first then comes the rider. So you can still pedal powerfully tomorrow.

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