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Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible jacket men

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Item #
size S screaming yellow/black 90,66€ 97102209
size M screaming yellow/black 91,66€ 97102210
size L screaming yellow/black 91,66€ 97102211
size XL screaming yellow/black 91,66€ 97102212
size XXL screaming yellow/black 80,77€ 97102213
size S screaming green/black 80,77€ 97102214
size M screaming green/black 80,77€ 97102215
size L screaming green/black 80,77€ 97102216
size XL screaming green/black 80,77€ 97102217
size XXL screaming green/black 80,77€ 97102218
size S black 80,77€ 97102204
size M black 91,66€ 97102205
size L black 91,66€ 97102206
size XL black 91,66€ 97102207
size XXL black 80,77€ 97102208
size S navy 112,84€ 97102595
size M navy 90,66€ 97102596
size L navy 90,66€ 97102597
size XL navy 90,66€ 97102598
size XXL navy 112,84€ 97102599
size S torch red 131,04€ 97102600
size M torch red 131,04€ 97102601
size L torch red 131,04€ 97102602
size XL torch red 131,04€ 97102603
size XXL torch red 131,04€ 97102604
  • Material: 100% Polyester (72g/m²)
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Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible Men's Jacket

This outer jacket is Pearl Izumi's absolute favorite. More versatile than any other model, it can easily be turned into a vest while on the move, and can even be stowed away and fastened directly to the bike with the integrated belt. Thanks to the slightly wider cut, it provides a comfortable fit both when driving and off the bike and offers two practical hip pockets storage space for all sorts of useful. The zipper with a thick, easy-to-grip slider handle allows excess heat to escape quickly on ascents, and the upper back mesh provides additional ventilation. Show what you can, Peter, this jacket is ready for you!


  • ELITE Barrier fabric provides excellent protection against wind and repels water
  • Direct vent mesh on the back (vest) provides excellent ventilation
  • Elastic waistband and cuffs keep the heat in and protect against drafts
  • Detachable sleeves and shoulders with zip to convert jacket into vest
  • Additional ventilation by partially opening the sleeve zips
  • Silicone gripper prevents the jacket from slipping
  • Highly visible BioViz® colors and reflective details
  • One back pocket and two hip pockets, each with zipper
  • Full-length 2-way Vislon® zipper for quick ventilation and storm flap for extra protection


  • 1 x Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible Jacket Men (see item description for details)
Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible jacket men size S screaming yellow/black
Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible jacket men size S black
Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible jacket men size S navy
Pearl Izumi Elite Escape Convertible jacket men size S torch red
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