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Mavic XA Flex MTB- shoes

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size 44 2/3 (10.0) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325275
size 45 1/3 (10.5) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325276
size 46 (11.0) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325277
size 46 2/3 (11.5) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325278
size 42 (8.0) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325291
size 42 2/3 (8.5) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325292
size 44 (9.5) total Eclipse/black 90,67€ 96325294
size 44 2/3 (10.0) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324969
size 45 1/3 (10.5) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324970
size 46 (11.0) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324971
size 46 2/3 (11.5) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324972
size 40 2/3 (7.0) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324983
size 41 1/3 (7.5) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324984
size 42 (8.0) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324985
size 42 2/3 (8.5) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324986
size 43 1/3 (9.0) black/magnet 91,51€ 96324987
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The ultimate counterpart to your flat pedals

This shoe offers flat pedal enthusiasts the combination of powerful pedaling efficiency plus comfort, traction and flexibility on off-road running sections.

The shoe for trail lovers

There are plenty of reasons to prefer flat pedals when trail biking. Many bikers like the plus in trust and control compared to clipless pedals and shoes. Mavic has designed the XA Flex as the ultimate trail shoe for flat pedal enthusiasts - with powerful pedaling efficiency, maximum traction and great comfort on the bike and on foot. If you ride with flat pedals, you can vary your position on the bike in tricky driving situations much better. And another advantage: Where clipless pedals allow you to cheat over obstacles when jumping, you develop a better driving technique with flat pedals. In the XA Flex, the integrated reinforcement plate made of Carbitex material creates a rigid platform for efficiency and drive power, but the front foot is flexible enough to offer comfortable walking properties. This is useful on trail tours when it's not just about pedaling. On your adventure tours you often have to climb steep climbs on foot, climb over slippery rocks or carry your bike through a stream. The sole of the XA Flex has special zones, with soft, non-slip Contagrip studs in the toe and heel area for more traction on foot. The sole is smooth in the middle to provide maximum pedal grip. In addition, an extra layer of vibration-damping material offers some comfort and shock absorption against shocks and impacts that come from the pedals. The upper made of a light anti-rip material is particularly tough on the trail. Its cast-in toe cap protects against contact with rocks, roots and other trail obstacles. The material is also mud and water repellent and easy to clean. This results in the ultimate counterpart to your flat pedals.


  • Perfect mix of pedaling efficiency and walking comfort: The internal reinforcement plate made of Carbitex material ensures strong pedaling performance and the necessary flexibility for walking sections. Stiffness in the pedal area plus flexibility on the forefoot.
  • Efficient grip and secure connection to the pedal: The outsole with rubber zones offers an optimized connection to flat pedals. Sole with Contagrip stud profile for superior traction and durability.
  • Robust longevity for your off-road adventures: The thermo-glued multi-layer construction without overlaps saves weight and creates a smooth surface. The light anti-rip material repels dirt and is easy to clean. Cast toe cap for even better protection.

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Mavic XA Flex MTB shoes (see item description for details)
Mavic XA Flex MTB- shoes size 44 2/3 (10.0) total  Eclipse/black
Mavic XA Flex MTB- shoes size 44 2/3 (10.0) black/magnet

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