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Magura MT2 Carbotecture disc brake left/right mountable 2200mm-hose length (without disc & adapter) 2018

42.34 €
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The Magura bicycle brake for extra safety: MT2

The MT2 with Carbotecture® technology is the ideal entry into the Magura MT world. Safe stops on tours or in the city. Magura recommends the Storm HC disc for the MT2 disc brake. However, you have the full range of Magura Storm brake discs available, as all variants are compatible. With the optional mounting adapters and brake discs you can put together your own suitable combination for frame or fork.

The MT2 brake for cross country or city traffic use

Using the entry-level unique Carbotecture® technology, the MT2 is one of the lightest brakes in your environment. As a loyal companion she is your choice for everyday use. The improved lever ergonomics makes the MT2 a comfortable brake and allows adjustment options in the lever width a fine and constant dosage of braking force with only two fingers.

Highlights of the Magura MT2 bicycle brake

  • Weight: 365g (including 160mm brake disc and screws, without adapter)
  • Ergonomic 2-finger Carbotecture® brake lever
  • Adjustable lever width
  • One-piece 2-piston brake calliper
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy change of lining
  • Compatible with all MAGURA Storm, Storm HC and Storm SL discs

Technical specifications

characteristic specification
colour Black (encoder & lever), Glossy Black (pliers)
mass ~ 365 g (with 160 mm Storm rotor)
BAT (individual pressure point adjustment) No
pad adjustment Automatically
Brake pads Organic 7.4 Performance (replaces 7.1), 7.2 Endurance
brake line MAGURA standard cable easily shortened
Brake line connection Pliers Just
brake Oil MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
braking system Open, with expansion tank
Brake caliper attachment to int. Standard (IS2000) Yes, adapters
Centerlock compatible Yes, with adapter
EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) Yes
Feel Safety ergonomics Yes
Flip Flop brake handle Yes
Reach adjustment (reach adjust) Yes
magnetiXchange Yes
OPD (brake caliper in one piece) Yes
Postmount brake caliper attachment (PM) Yes, direct cultivation
principle Fully hydraulic two-piston fixed caliper
Two-piece brake lever clamp Yes
Disc diameter (mm) VR 203, 180, 160 HR 203, 180, 160, 140 (ONLY Storm SL)
Material fastening screws steel
Material brake handle and pliers Carbotecture® (brake handle), aluminum forged (pliers)
Material brake lever Carbotecture® (lever)


  • 1x Magura MT2 Carbotecture disc brake left / right mountable 2200mm cable length (without disc & adapter)
  • 1x mounting accessories
Magura MT2 Carbotecture disc brake left/right mountable 2200mm-hose length (without disc & adapter) 2018
Item number 62115392
EAN/UPC: 4055184015698  |  Factory number 2701209
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