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ION Rascal AMP shoes

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size 37.0 black 97869109 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-37
size 38.0 black 97869110 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-38
size 39.0 black 97869111 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-39
size 40.0 black 97869112 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-40
size 41.0 black 97869113 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-41
size 42.0 black 97869114 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-42
size 43.0 black 97869115 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-43
size 44.0 black 97869116 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-44
size 45.0 black 97869117 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-45
size 46.0 black 97869118 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-46
size 47.0 black 97869119 88.07€
MPN 47210-4372-900-47
size 42.0 multicolor 97870230 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-42
size 39.0 multicolor 97870232 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-39
size 41.0 multicolor 97870234 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-41
size 43.0 multicolor 97870235 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-43
size 45.0 multicolor 97870237 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-45
size 46.0 multicolor 97870238 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-46
size 47.0 multicolor 97870239 96.55€
MPN 47210-4372-999-47
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The Rascal Amp is ION's high-end clipless all-mountain shoe

Its construction combines rigidity in the longitudinal axis with flexibility in the transverse axis and in the shaft. This torsional design principle helps prevent the foot from tipping over on the pedal. Special climbing and pedaling zones on the running surface ensure a reliable grip both on and off the pedal. Thanks to the combined Velcro and Quick Lace system closure system, the shoe can be individually adjusted to specific areas.

The cushioning EVA midsole absorbs shock and vibration, while the rubberized heel and reinforced toe cap absorb forces should your foot get caught on stones or roots. The asymmetrically shaped shaft protects the foot on the crank side and still offers full freedom of movement. The tough PU main fabric ensures durability and longevity of this premium shoe. Compatible with all common MTB clipless systems.


  • Velcro_Wide: Extra wide Velcro for additional support and a perfect, individual fit
  • SupTraction_Rubber Soul CL with a reinforced shaft: ION has mainly focused on the design and the rubber compound of the sole. They thought that there was still a lack of strength. Therefore, the shaft has been reinforced in the sole to gain more strength. Just as it should be for a high-end trail shoe
  • Ankle_Pad: The shaft is higher on the inside with additional padding to protect the lower ankle
  • ToeTal_Protection: Reinforced toe cap to protect the forefoot in contact with roots or rocks
  • Rubber heel cap
  • Robust PU main material


specification description
area of application All mountain, enduro, trail
Material upper shoe synthetic
Material outsole Rubber, SupTraction Rubber Soul CL
locking system Velcro closure, lace closure
pedal system 2-hole, e.g. E.g. Shimano SPD
extras Ankle Pad / Toe Valley Protection
weight approx. 920 g (pair, size 42.0)

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of ION Rascal AMP shoes (see item description for details)
ION Rascal AMP shoes size 37.0 black
ION Rascal AMP shoes size 42.0 multicolor
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