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FOX SLS Super Light Steel shock spring 74mm Travel spring länge

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35mm ID 425lb/in 2.9in 143mm 14435377 140.17€
MPN 033-22-033
35mm ID 450lb/in 2.9in 147mm 14435378 163.78€
MPN 033-22-034
35mm ID 550lb/in 2.9in 149mm 14435382 163.78€
MPN 033-22-037
35mm ID 350lb/in 2.9in 141mm 14436233 163.87€
MPN 033-22-030
35mm ID 400lb/in 2.9in 141mm 14436234 163.78€
MPN 033-22-032
35mm ID 475lb/in 2.9in 149mm 14436235 163.78€
MPN 033-22-035
35mm ID 500lb/in 2.9in 149mm 14436236 163.78€
MPN 033-22-036
35mm ID 600lb/in 2.9in 149mm 14436237 155.38€
MPN 033-22-038
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Ultra light SLS damper spring from Fox

The Fox Super Lightweight Steel Damper Spring (SLS) is lighter than titanium - and at a more affordable price.

A surface treatment specially developed by Fox and a stress-reducing manufacturing process relieves the spring's internal stress, which allows it to withstand greater loads. Each spring has also been optimized by using a smaller material diameter and fewer spring coils, making a lighter product possible. Compared to a normal steel spring, a weight saving of 287g is possible.



  • Weight: approx. 377g (500x2.75)
  • Suitable for damper size 241x76.2mm
  • Gradation of spring hardness: 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525, 550 lb / inch
  • Inner diameter spring: 35mm

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Fox SLS Super Light Steel damper spring (see item description for details)
FOX SLS Super Light Steel shock spring 74mm Travel 35mm ID 425lb/in 2.9in 143mm  spring länge
FOX SLS Super Light Steel shock spring 74mm Travel 35mm ID 350lb/in 2.9in 141mm  spring länge

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